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DIY Beaded Coasters

by Francesca Stone

fran- Beaded-coaster-styled-11-500x333
I’m an all-around hot beverage lover. Of course there’s nothing I love more than a fresh cup of coffee to perk up my morning commute, but an early evening cocoa comes close. If you struggle to get your daily intake of water, then tea is perfect to sip on throughout the day to keep you hydrated, a soothing malt drink will send you sound asleep at night, and who doesn’t love sharing a pot of peppermint tea with a friend while catching up? I think we’ve established my thoughts on hot drinks and we haven’t even covered chai yet. I’m a fan.

It’s not often I don’t have an oversized mug perched in my hands so I’m usually on the hunt for a coaster. I’ll use pretty much anything to protect furniture surfaces. Most of my notebooks feature water circles running throughout and I’ve paid a few tea-dyed checks in to disapproving cashiers. The coasters I do own are spread thinly around my apartment in strategic places to preempt my needs, but I still get caught short from time to time. So perhaps it’s time to get some new ones? I started with this colorful DIY beaded set that works great together and each one alone once they begin to travel. –Fran

DIY Beaded Coasters


  • Wire. The size of the wire depends on your beads (or visa versa)
  • Small beads
  • Wire cutters



Beaded coaster tutorials 1

1. Cut a section of wire around 15″ long and thread beads onto the wire. You may need to add or take away beads as you shape the coaster, so don’t worry about being too accurate for now.

Beaded coaster tutorials 2

2. Roughly shape the wire into different forms and check that your mug will sit easily on the beads. This is where you can add or remove the beads you need to create an even and full shape. In this case, a triangle.

Beaded coaster tutorials 4

Beaded coaster tutorials 3

3. Once the shape is ready, trim the ends of the wire and thread through the beads a second time to create a complete shape. If the holes in the beads are too small, twist the wire ends together and trim off the excess.

Beaded coaster tutorials 6

4. Make your set in different colors, shapes and sizes for all your mugs and glasses to rest on!

Beaded coaster tutorials 7

DIY Beaded Coasters 3 DIY Beaded Coasters 1 DIY Beaded Coasters 2

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    • Amy

      Is Tumblr actually an aesthetic now? Or is that an artist I’m in the dark about? I’m legitimately asking because we just had a huge talk here yesterday about crediting and sourcing designs and creativity and I found it fascinating to see someone mention Tumblr as an aesthetic.


  • What a fun project! Something my daughter could even help me with earns bonus points with me. I like this idea, my only concern would be the beads scratching the wood surface, have you seen any scratches or scuffs with your new coasters?

  • Love this DIY and REALLY love the comments, haha. I totally agree with Amy- they’re chic and DO have a tumblry vibe, which I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) is to say a hipster vibe. And I also agree with you, Grace, it is fascinating to reference Tumblr as an aesthetic, mainly because although I had never heard it before I now realize it’s a pretty necessary adjective to describe “vibes.” Love it all. :)

    • Ashley

      That’s what I assumed, but it’s so weird now to see what is a conglomeration of real people’s designs attributed to a software system- it’s very 21st century :)


  • I really like this idea!! I am envisioning these with “stripes” across the middle of the shapes too, maybe interspersed with the simple “empty” ones? So inspiring!!

  • OMG!! thats an amazing use of beads!
    this should shed light on all people who make bracelets, a new avenue of product to sell. this is amazing guys and girls

  • I usually keep my coasters tucked away. But these inspire display. I have some little nails running along the front of my oak fireplace mantel. During holidays, they sport all kinds of fun holiday pieces. During the rest of the year, they could hold these wonderful coasters.

  • Would these actually serve their intended purpose? I feel like condensation on the bottom of a glass could still damage a wood table if using these.

    • H

      Any open coaster probably isn’t the safest idea for a wooden table. For that, or for weather when condensation is an issue, I would suggest a felt or metal bowl-like coaster.


  • I found that all the condensation drips inside of the beaded bracelet. I don’t know why but it does and it makes it easier to clean. But for a wooden table the beads may not be the best option like mentioned above.

  • At my place there’s usually some notebook lying around that can serve as a coaster ;-), but these are really great! Gorgeous styling and pictures!

  • On the Tumblr subject- my 16 yo cousin told me I looked like a “Tumblr girl” when I dyed my hair blue/green. I thought it was the weirdest thing to say & had no idea what she meant…till now! Ha! Also love these coasters, but agree with one commenter, these would be cat toys at my house.