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A Shopkeeper’s Home in Berlin

by Garrett Fleming

It’s no secret that a love for antiques runs deep here at Design*Sponge. When you think about it, antiques are like cats — they have many lives. There are probably pieces in your home that are older than you are, and I bet they’ve seen some pretty amazing places. Hunting down old treasures and discovering their past has been a hobby of mine for some time now. It’s not uncommon to find me scouring my favorite resale shops here in Chicago, looking for one of my favorite styles, mid-century German. Germany’s artisans have produced some of the most timeless and beautiful handiwork with many pieces still collected and coveted by auction houses and galleries today. The colors are always so vibrant and I know that they’ll immediately add visual interest to my space, like today’s first home tour in Berlin.

Timea of Mighty Vintage‘s love for “the find” is what drew me to the home she shares with her partner, Igor. It’s filled with vintage clocks, plates and all sorts of decorative details. Their fun and playful space is the perfect backdrop for the couple’s game nights and cooking/catch-up sessions. They fell in love with one of the oldest parts of Berlin, Rixdorf, while visiting its famous Christmas market. Fast forward five years later and they found the perfect place to house all their treasures. Timea and Igor decorate with overflow from her shop, making this home tour almost completely shoppable. So click through the beautiful photos and, if you fall in love with a piece, you might even be able to take it home with you. Enjoy! Garrett

All photos by Timea Gremsperger

The Bedroom: The walls are painted with Schöner Wohen's "Sand" in satin finish. Igor white-washed the IKEA bed frame to complement Timea's grandmother's white linens. The cherry tree artwork is courtesy of Jung, Koch, and Quentell and the throw is Timea's baby blanket.
Not only is the balcony home to a beautiful view, but the couple grows zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers on it during the warmer months. The kilim rug was found in a remote antique store in the Tara Mountains of Serbia during the couple's jaunt through the Balkans.
The timeless dresser is by IKEA and Igor's most beloved piece is this walnut clock. It was a gift from Timea.
The Living Room: Timea trusted her husband Igor's gut when he came to her with this decadent, chocolate wall paint. Proof that teamwork makes the home work! It serves as the perfect recessive palette to let the eclectic collection of vintage plates and mirrors shine. Her vintage, kidney-shaped table came from a dear friend.
A close-up of Timea's interesting plate collection.
The living room as seen from that flourishing balcony. Timea and Igor collected all the rugs throughout the house on their travels across Europe. When a home features this much eye candy, a simple neutral paint job lets the accessorizing be the hero.
What's in the mid-century credenza? Board games! The couple are self-proclaimed West-German-pottery addicts. You can see how the colors of the pottery truly influenced the entire home's color narrative.
Sometimes it's easiest to let our home tell us how to decorate. The brilliant light in Timea's living room called for it to serve as the focal point of the space. The ceiling lamp was a street find, and the wingback chair from IKEA is Timea's go-to tea spot.
This pristine radio only cost the couple $6, and on the way to pick it up, they found $6 on the ground!
The Main Balcony: This quaint balcony tickles Timea's green thumb. I'd have a serious green thumb as well if my balcony was filled with such a delightful nod to various cultures and design techniques.
The Dining Room: The tone of the dining room is what immediately drew me to Timea and Igor's home. The tossed-sea grey was mixed for the couple by Sikkens Colors. Most any color would look great with this tone, but I love that the couple chose to go bold with the cranberry color.
These vintage school charts always stun. In a time when not every student could afford their own textbook, they were used as a simple way to teach large numbers of children. This one here is from pioneers of the art, Jung, Koch, and Quentell. Pottery by Bay Keramik.
Timea wanted to incorporate owls into her dining room. Her various treasures sit in an antique printer's drawer. That larger plant stand is treated with pearloid, which mimics the look of mother of pearl. Snag the smaller plant stand here. The orange clock is by Ruhla and the fan is from German manufacturer A+S.
The Kitchen: A typical evening sees Igor at the stove and Timea on this sweet bench as they chat about their day. Timea built the bench with her best friend and loves that it is not quite symmetrical. The copper drawer pulls were a DIY project for the couple and the lighting came from one of the construction sites Igor worked on.
It's always fun when a kitchen can be both functional and artistic. The lovable Hungarian bird painting hung in Timea's childhood bedroom.

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