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Before & After: A Master Bed + Bath Makeover

by Grace Bonney

Before & After | Design*Sponge
I’m only in the very early stages of working on our home, but I already understand how easy it is to run through your budget and have to leave certain projects for another year. We’ve already bumped a few things into “sometime next year” status, but that’s just part of the game. So when I heard from photographer Heather Kinkel about a master bedroom and bathroom remodel eight years in the making, I felt like I was looking at my future.

Before & After | Design*Sponge
Heather and her husband Mike, both Phoenix, AZ natives, purchased a “classic Arizona ranch” home over eight years ago. The home was in need of some TLC, so they spent the first four years working on major issues and needs. Then they took a break for four years to build their budget back up and finally tackle their master bedroom. The goal was to turn their dark and window-less “suite” into a clean and bright space that would act as a restorative and relaxing sanctuary for the couple. With the help of an architect (who decided to extend the wall in the original bathroom and create a much bigger master bath), Heather and Mike now have a beautiful, airy space that is exactly what they wanted. Read on to see the full story and hear more about the process! xo, grace

*You can see more of Heather’s photographs on Instagram right here!

Before - Bedroom
The Bedroom BEFORE: Heather and Mike’s bedroom was dark and the windows didn’t do much to maximize the space on the back wall. So the fireplace was removed (to make room for an expanded bathroom), the wall was extended, the small window was replaced with large, windowed doors that open out and the carpet was exchanged for a sleek, wooden floor.

The Bedroom AFTER: Heather explained that their overall goal was to create an all-white space that felt bright and spacious. It took the couple a while to find their “perfect white” (they went through six colors), but when they found it, the space felt just right. Heather says she has, “an affinity for anything mid-century and for floor-to-ceiling pinch-pleat drapes (ala my grandma’s house!)” and she felt that look fit the overall theme of the room. So they mixed smooth, mid-century furniture and lighting with rich textures of the bed linens and rugs. Now it’s a space they never want to leave!

master remodel (25 of 61)

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Before - Tub 5.21.12 PM
The Bathroom BEFORE: The green and white tile, dated wooden cabinets and window filled with concrete blocks left much to be desired. The room needed more light, more space and a more open plan that suited the couple’s modern style.

The Bathroom AFTER: The bathroom followed the look of the bedroom, with white beveled subway tiles, a custom vanity with brushed brass and agate fixtures, and a super-sleek, modern tub that would make any homeowner weak in the knees.

master remodel (45 of 61)

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  • Love this space! What kind of wood are the new floors in the bedroom? Is it reclaimed wood?

  • now that is a bathroom worth waiting 8 years for……incredible! what a transformation on both the bedroom and bath. light, airy, modern. so clean and bright. haven’t done any remodeling myself, yet, (still a renter) but this is so inspiring. thank you ! p.s. love those wall sconces on either side of their bed!

  • 1. You guys have the patience of Ghandi and Mother Theresa combined. 2. Blew my mind that the tub fixtures blended into the subway tile. Props. 3. I’d also love to know more about the flooring–clearly you guys are magicians and somehow made it look like it’s been there forever

  • I’m almost embarrassed to show you our bathrooms, but c’est la vie :) We will need to do them another year when we have the cash! This is actually exactly what I had in mind for our bathrooms when we finally get around to it. I think the important thing is not to do something that you only like so-so, but instead wait and do something you love so unabashedly!

  • Wow! Such beautiful spaces. I love the door connecting the room with the bathroom and those little rock nobs… What lovely details.

  • this is fantastic! Would love to know what their “perfect white” is; and sources on lighting in bathroom & that awesome tub!

  • My family moved into our house in 1990. In 1992 (when I was 7) I had a fabulous “Ballerina” Birthday party in the living room, as it was still 100% unfurnished, and my mom just hired a dance teacher for half an hour or something and then we did cake and presents. The living rooms was furnished by 1994, and then got redone a few years ago. I can’t imagine having three kids and trying to buy rugs and furniture and art for a room!

  • now that was worth the wait! Great job, so clean, the new and old mixed so well. Wide plank wood floors are killer. So much to luv! ✨

  • I love that bed also! I had a feeling it might be from Room & Board, so went to their website and it looks like it could be their Marlo Bed.

  • What an amazing makeover… well done Heather!!!! I was just in the home today and let me say that it has the feeling of a spa/luxury resort. It is gorgeous and so dreamy. I could live in her bathroom indeed!

    Well done my friend!

  • This is just SO awesome! It doesn’t even look like the same house! Man, I just never get sick of a good home makeover, and this one is GREAT!

  • Gorgeous! I’m also wondering where the nightstands are from, they are simply splendid!

  • The use of the gold-tone hardware & fixtures shocked me at first, but the more I looked at the pictures the more I LOVED it. Great way to put a modern spin on something that would normally date any space.

  • Would you mind telling us what color blue paint that is on the French doors? Thanks! Looks great!

  • Well done!
    I think that the most important impact of this rennovation is that seeing these spaces, instantly makes you wanna live IN them! I would like to know the type of the bathtub and the blue color of the French doors’ please,

  • What a makeover. Fresh and gorgeous.
    Can you reveal the source of your bath vanity mirrors? I’ve been looking for that same style for weeks online with no luck. Thanks!

  • i am in love with this space…and I have so many questions…which is the hallmark of a well-designed, interesting space in my opinion! i love the wall color, and the beautiful agate knobs in the bathroom. but, I especially love the mix of touches that reference the age of the home and modern convenience and style…like the tile and the draperies. really lovely!

  • what an amazing transformation – gorgeous space!
    ….and the side lights – love those?? does anyone know where they are from?

  • Hi everyone! Heather here :) Oh my gosh, you guys are all SO kind! Such sweet words. Yes, this space has truly become such a haven for us and we enjoy it so very much! Thought I would check in here and answer a few questions!

    -bed sconces and pendant lights in bath: http://www.cedarandmoss.com
    -paint color: my own 50/50 blend of Dunn Edwards “Cottage White and Cool December”
    -agate bath knobs: http://www.westelm.com
    -bath vanity mirrors: http://www.potterybarn.com
    -bathtub: victoria & albert
    -shelf brackets: Ikea! spray painted gold
    -drapery: http://www.selectblinds.com

    Closet? I didn’t include a tour of those as it was kind of a side-bar bonus and had already been featured by the closet company that we used, Class Closets. Here’s the link to the tour:

    I hope that helps! I would be happy to help answer any other questions I didn’t answer here – feel free to email me at thebirdiegirlco@gmail.com


  • Wow! This is just so inspiring. I know lots of people complain about everyone loving white spaces lately on Design*Sponge, but I honestly thing we are drawn to it because we are so sick of our cluttered lives and love the “clean slate” it brings to a space or a home. I think this is probably one of my favorite makeovers because the bathroom is UH-MAZING and the bedroom exemplifies my dream room, and they ADDED WINDOWS. As a renter, I can’t rave enough about what good windows do for a space. Great job and I admire your patience and saving prowess!

  • So pretty. Getting a bed and bath this gorgeous was worth the wait, I’m sure. And that bathtub, what a beauty.

  • You can’t tell it was the same room. Unbelievable! The new bedroom looks great with the glass doors. And what about the bathroom – total transformation! Well done!

  • I’m in love with the bathroom vanity, does anyone know where it came from?

  • Beautiful! Can you divulge your source on the vanity pendant lights? these are exactly what I’m looking for and I can’t find them anywhere!