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A Home Where Creativity and Family are King

by Garrett Fleming

Without a doubt, the last two years have been the most influential in terms of shaping my home’s design. Being bold and less afraid to make a mistake, I’m more focused on what makes my space a good fit for me as opposed to what others may deem the “right” look. Sure, there is something to be said for the simplified, modernist take on the bachelor pad, but I favor the rich luxe of my blue velvet sofa, fur table runners and a gooey mix of street art and highbrow design. After all, it’s just me in here, so I say it’s time for my taste to be king! The spaces that catch my eye tend to also throw the rulebook out the window in favor of crafting a home that brings to life the owner’s unique image of where they’d like to live.

Nina van de Goor and her husband have definitely found their stride when it comes to designing for their family’s needs. They knew right away that their vision of a home with layered styling and color in the Netherlands would abide by no rules, would be always in flux, and fun. When she is not designing ceramics and artwork for her shop, Nina uses her home as an ever-changing canvas featuring artwork by friends, her own designs and pieces that all have their own story. The couple also knew that they had to keep in mind their growing children when they decorated their space. When kids enter the picture, it can be easy to sacrifice fashion for function. As you’ll see, however, the two chose to work at finding ways to highlight artwork and color in order to kickstart the entire family’s creativity. We couldn’t love the results more. Garrett

All photos by Nina van de Goor

The Living Room: Walk a few steps to the left and you're in the living room. Walk a few steps to the right and you're in the kitchen. What an A+ open concept. The artwork was made by Nina and some of her closest friends. In her red Acapulco chair sits a fun, graphic pillow from Bangbang Copenhagen.
The Living Room: Nina's uncle Theo van de Goor painted this evocative portrait of her. The only thing better than having a talent is having a relative who does. These personal touches can add coziness to any home.
The Living Room: The vintage rug fits so well with the home's color story. To let her rug and beautiful ceramics shine, Nina cleverly paired them with quieter-colored furniture. The crafty light fixture is from Studio Snowpuppe.
The Living Room: Nina's extensive pottery collection looks so decadent in this barely-gray cabinet.
The Dining Room: Nina has an affinity for mismatched chairs, so naturally her dining room table had to be surrounded by an array of different seating styles. Anchoring the set with a classic white table lets the chairs command the attention they deserve. Lighting by Moooi.
The Dining Room.
The Dining Room: The bold color serves to push against the buzzing tones of the rest of the family's home.
The Kitchen: Nina knew right away that her kitchen was begging for this pastel green SMEG fridge. I couldn't agree more. Lighting by Muuto.
The Kitchen: Everything looks more dashing on top of a SMEG. I'm going to go ahead and add hot orange and pastel green to my list of favorite color combinations.
The Kitchen: The nature-inspired wallpaper in this part of the home was designed by Josef Frank in the 1940s and serves as the perfect backdrop for quirky art and collectibles like this vintage wooden doll.
The Kitchen: More ceramics for Nina to cherish.
The Girls' Room: Nina absolutely succeeded in her challenge to envelope her daughters in color and their favorite things. The adorable mushroom lamp is by Heico and the rug is available here.
The Girls' Room: Nina's children love being in this cheerful reading nook. She elevates the space with the precious vintage wallpaper and beds. The ceiling lamp comes from good ole IKEA.
The Girls' Room: Nina discovered early on that her daughters were drawn to artwork featuring animals and bright colors. Being a designer has come in handy. When she wants to freshen up their space, she just makes new artwork for her little ones.
The Design Studio: What an inspiring place to work. The desk is by IKEA and the accessories have been collected from various vintage shops through the years.
The Design Studio: Nina's homemade ceramics fit in perfectly with this sweet, pink accent wall and vintage wallpaper.

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  • This house is so beautiful to me. Nevermind the fact it’s in one of my favourite countries, I just love the use of colour. Especially that awesome wallpaper that was used in a few small areas rather than one big wall. So inspirational! Thank you!

  • Thats great that you know your the only one really going to see the design of your house so design to what you love.

  • Love the original art in this house. I also love that neat clock that displays the day, month, year and time. I didn’t see a link for it, is it possible to share the details?

  • @jennysue the clock is a Karlsson Big flip clock! It was a great purchase that we enjoy so much!

    best wishes, Nina

  • Nina’s home is so artistically put together. I love her bravery with colour and attention to details. It is such a stylish, cheery, playful space. Wonderful textiles, wallpaper, ceramics and lighting!

  • Hey Grace, I’m sorry if I’m behind since I haven’t checked many comments since you posted the initial site makeover. Are the arrows in the gallery still changing places for everyone else?

    • hi paige

      that fix sadly wasn’t as easy as we expected, as it requires us restricting image sizes quite a bit. we’re looking into just making images clickable themselves (no arrows) so the images don’t have to be shrunk to fit a standard frame size. so sorry for the holdup. it’s become a “measure twice, cut once” situation ;)


  • Nina, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home! What an inspiration. I love your vintage ceramics- you have a wonderful eye!!

  • Just love the dutch perspective. Thanks for sharing… and please please do tell us what is that wallpaper? It has completely lifted my spirits and changed my perspective on my kitchen that needs a renovation that I can’t afford.

  • What a colourful, bright and welcoming home. Its full of charm and character. I love how they use display cabinets to show off collections, rather than hiding them away. The beautiful ornate mirrors here and there are fab features and stand out against the more modern furniture. The girls room looks like the perfect place to grow up and feel happy and creative.

  • This house just seems so full of life! Nina did such a wonderful job mixing old and new pieces, and I love all her collections. What a beautiful, personal space!

  • I have such strong memories of the face bowls in the 12th image. As I recall, they come with mugs and plates too. My afternoon is now over as I go onto Ebay to find a set.

  • Is it just me, or is the link to Nina’s website not working? I really want to check it out, as her ceramics look beautiful!! What a happy looking home.

  • Nina, zo leuk om je huis nu eens helemaal te zien ipv al die kleine stukjes op IG. Love your house!

  • Wow. I LOVE that wallpaper. So jealous. Although my boyfriend would never agree to a floral print in the kitchen… sigh.

  • aaahhh Nina, love your wallpaper! Your ceramics are also beautiful. What a gorgeous house~

  • I love the rug in the living room is extremely colorful I think that in the living room especially with children inspired to have creativity should be immersed in color I know where you can find a bright color pillows and rugs that are Kilim textile. The shop is on etsy called kilimrugstore

    • Alana

      The entire post was written by Garrett. We often write about how people’s homes and other content we feature relates to our own lives or personal stories.


  • I really like the Windsor style black and wood chair; can you give me a hint as to who makes it?