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A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village

by Grace Bonney

I am always intrigued by discovering how couples learn to live and decorate together, especially when one half of the couple already lived in the space before. Finding a way to work together to create a home can lead to arguments and frustration, but also to beautiful and very special homes. Stephen Mikula first saw this Tudor home six years ago, just outside of Chicago. He lived in a nearby neighborhood and loved the area’s charm and historic detail, which was part of an area created by the Schorsch brothers in the 1930s. The brothers developed Schorsch Village, an enclave of brick English Tudors neatly organized on tree-lined streets. When Stephen saw this home was for sale, he jumped at the chance to check it out and fell in love instantly. He spent the next two years renovating with the help of his stepfather and then met and married his wife, Ninelle.

Both Ninelle and Stephen work in creative fields (she works with textiles and he works at a barber shop they both own), so they each had distinct styles to weave together in this home. Their goal was to surround themselves with pieces that resembled both of their unique styles, but also created an overall sense of calm and comfort. They found a common ground in their shared love of history and vintage furniture, so they kept their rooms simple and bright and let the details come in the form of great old dressers, lighting and handmade textiles. I love that Ninelle and Stephen were able to work together and create a space that works for a modern-day couple, but that retains the beautiful history of the older home they share together. xo, grace

Full Source List:

Front Door & Entryway:
-Front door wreath – Sprout Home Chicago, IL
-Boxwood bushes and Pots – Home Depot
-Baby angel painting – local vintage shop
-Entryway table – HomeGoods
-Curtain panels – IKEA
-Curtain rod – Home Depot
-Vintage display case – Roost Chicago, IL

Dining & Living Room:
-Chairs/Table – Domicile
-Tablecloth – T.J.Maxx
-Placemats – IKEA
-Mirror – Smikyla Etsy shop
-Rug – HomeGoods
-Lamp – T.J.Maxx
-Coffee table – free find
-Chairs – HomeGoods
-Pillows – T.J.Maxx
-Curtain panels – IKEA
-Leather chair – HomeGoods

-Headboard – T.J.Maxx
-Curtain panels – IKEA
-Comforter – IKEA
-Blanket – Target
-Pillow covers – Target
-Rug – HomeGoods
-Lamp – Estate Sale
-Mirror – HomeGoods
-Mid-century dresser – free find
-Handmade Tapestry – Ninelle’s Etsy shop
-Headboard – T.J.Maxx
-Lamp – estate sale
-Pendant Fixture – Randolph Flea Market Chicago, IL
-Mantel – Rebuilding Exchange Chicago, IL
-FiddleLeaf Ficus – Wal-Mart
-Vase – HomeGoods
-Vintage Mirror – Good Deal Garage Chicago, IL
-Wreath – Trader Joe’s
-Antlers – flea market

-Glass jars – IKEA
-Wire baskets – T.J.Maxx
-Coffee grinder – Nordstrom
-Chemex – Crate & Barrel

The front entrance to Ninelle and Stephen's home. The couple recently removed two overpowering bushes from both sides of the entrance and replaced them with two potted boxwood bushes. Not only did the change up the home's curb appeal, but it gives passersby a better view of the beautiful front door.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
Ninelle says that their home's front door is one of their favorite things about the house. The curved top edge accents seasonal wreaths perfectly.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
This is part of the entryway that separates the dining and living room area. Ninelle and Stephen love furniture that has a story, so they have collected a wide range of vintage and mid-century pieces, like this luggage stand in the entryway.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
What began as a leaky ceiling transitioned into a full remodel of the couple's dining room. Ninelle was excited to add wood detailing to the walls and brighten up the space with a fresh coat of white paint. Stephen did most of the work himself on this space and sadly still has a few bumps and bruises to show for it.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
Ninelle has a self-described obsession with plants and in every room of their home, she has decorated with potted greens. Here she made a garland from natural greens and wrapped it around the dining light fixture to make the couple's dinner get-togethers more festive.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
The living room is where Ninelle and Stephen do most of their lounging when they get home from work. Stephen usually catches up on his reading and favorite shows while Ninelle make tapestries she sells online. The fireplace was originally a window that looked directly into their neighbor's home, so Stephen and his father built the fireplace from scratch to add warmth - and privacy.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
Our whole team has such love for the curved built-in shelves in this home. What a beautiful way to showcase treasured books.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
The bedrooms in 1930s homes aren't enormous, so Ninelle changed the room's paint color from a Ralph Lauren Denim Blue to a Behr White. Magnolia leaves hang above their headboard and on the opposite wall is a yarn tapestry that Ninelle made.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
The bedroom's vintage bedside lamp was a great find at an estate sale.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
Stephen and Ninelle have very little closet space so Stephen made this wonderful open space closet from pipes. Ninelle says it makes choosing outfits easier because everything is in sight!
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
Ninelle had always wanted a mid-century dresser for her bedroom, when one morning she and Stephen came across this beauty with a "free" sign on the side of the road. They made a quick u-turn and took it home, and after some TLC, it is now their favorite piece in their bedroom.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
Ninelle opened an Etsy shop where she sells handmade tapestries. This is one of her latest designs that hangs in the bedroom.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
Stephen and Ninelle's guest room is one of the very first projects they completed as a married couple. Family visits from Washington pushed them to get it done quickly. To add some charm to the room, they installed a vintage mantle found at a Rebuilding Exchange store in Chicago for $70.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
The guest bedroom light fixture was a great flea market find.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge
The kitchen is still a work in progress, but this little corner that was empty for a while is now a functional storage space for storing dry goods, as well as veggies from the couple's garden in the summertime.
A Beautiful Tudor Home in Schorsch Village | Design*Sponge

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  • A really pleasant home! I was amused to see that the phrase “English Tudors” describes a style that bears no relation to the Tudor architecture that you actually see in England… [/gentle trans-Atlantic mocking]

  • Ninelle is the sweetest and it is no surprise that her home would be featured here! From her Instagram, I have seen some beautiful vintage items she has curated (including that lovely little light fixture!). Such a beautiful home.

  • This is such a lovely home. Love the idea of attaching a pipe clothing rack to the wall. And the lotus flower lantern is gorgeous! Lucky find.

  • Slightly random question… I have a very similar style mid-century dresser and night stand that I got for a song but it has horrible (recessed) drawer pulls. You mention giving your dressing some TLC, did that include replacing the pulls? If so, would you be so kind as to share your source. Thanks!

  • What a lovely home. I especially appreciate that besides vintage finds, there is a lot of discount store accessorizing and it looks marvelous. Not every home needs West Elm, etc. to make it beautiful!

  • i really love the power of restraint in this home. the coppery brown, white and black color palette in the entire house (even her wardrobe hanging!) is so lovely, and really works lovely with the light. also…her front door wreath is fantastic. lovely home!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! Pinned the heck out of this post. The character and detail are so lovely.

  • Love the way the living room uses subtle tones and textures, but the fireplace? it looks like it’s always been there–genius!

  • gorgeous home! and thank you for including pulled back photos (#4,6,8) – they really help to understand the room/home as a whole.