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Worldly Influences Down South

by Garrett Fleming

I always “Eeek!” out when I stumble upon a beautiful home from Texas. Having grown up in the Lone Star State, I can say that we are definitely a proud bunch, so I was eager to show off what one of our own had done with their family home. I haven’t lived in the south for five years, but the place you grew up never truly leaves you. Texas itself is heavily influenced by and embraces the Mexican, Native American and cowboy culture that make it truly a state unlike any other. This meant that a love for the woven textiles, colorful patterns and the rich leathers that the region has become known for was instilled in me from birth. So when Iylana and Shane’s home popped into my inbox, I was immediately hooked.

Iylana and Shane of Indigo Trade‘s home in West Texas is a blend of artifacts from their world travels. The 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1948 house is a melting pot of the couple’s love of traditional Middle Eastern and African design elements. They have made a pact to visit a new country every year, and they’ve brought back many beautiful pieces that make their warm, minimalist home truly shine. By letting their travels and collections influence their home – more than trends and design – they’ve created a welcoming and unique space. As you’ll see as you flip through, the birthplace of Caprock Vintage is a home truly made for and by its owners.  —Garrett

All photos by Shane Nassiri

The Kitchen: The homeowners loved the storage in their kitchen and decided to remove the doors, paint the insides this gorgeous deep color and use the space to display some of the couple's favorite Mexican and Middle Eastern pottery. That scrumptious green tea set is from the Mexican town where Shane proposed to Iylana under a cascading waterfall. The carpet is vintage. Similar lighting here from IKEA.
The Dining Room: What an enviable Craigslist find! This dining table serves as the home's base for Iylana's shop.
The Dining Room: The buffet's accessories are all vintage and the buffet is homemade. The almost espresso finish is beautiful.
The home serves as headquarters for Iylana's shop, Caprock Vintage, where you can purchase the white table lamp and desk fan. The vintage US army locker came from a garage sale and holds Shane’s photography equipment and a designer friend made this great typography poster for the couple. Table by IKEA.
The Living Room: The side table in the living room is a true Milo Baughman. That's a great Salvation Army find. The brass deer are vintage and the gallery wall is always in flux as it holds many pieces from Iylana's shop.
The Living Room: I love how Iylana hung her living room's curtains a foot higher than expected, bringing the space to new heights. More vintage sale finds add flavor to this space. Artwork featuring Iylana's great grandfather adorns the wall. The sofa is from Crate & Barrel.
The Den.
The Den: Cairo, Spain, Istanbul - these plates come from all over the world and serve as somewhat of a scrapbook of the places the couple has enjoyed together.
The Living Room: A poster from the Czech National Theatre in Prague adds a pop of color to the living room. Books are abundant in this home. They always seem to make a space look so homey, especially when stacked high as seen here.
Oh hey, Xerxes! He seems to be enjoying this room. The rugs are from all over the world and served as inspiration for the couple's entire home. Iylana made the curtain rod herself by sanding down tree branches. The hanging tapestry is direct from Iran, where Shane's family is from. A LOT of reading takes place in this airy space.
Bedroom nook: Iylana saved this chair from a garage sale and painted it cotton white. A plant's pot shows some perfect patina. Accessories are from the couple's travels through Turkey and Jamaica.
Another bedroom nook?! A dream! The pillow is from Marrakesh. I am in love with this camel planter and striped rug from Iylana's shop. The homeowners stenciled the bedroom's wall themselves.
Adirondack chairs from Craigslist, pillows from Istanbul, and hanging lanterns from Marrakesh all worked to perfectly bring the couple's vision of a Turkish escape to life. What a great place to enjoy the balmy Texas summers!

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