Unfolded Wallpaper Inspired by Origami

by Grace Bonney

Over the past 10 years, I’ve written about thousands of new products. Some designs come and go, but there are always a few that stick with me as truly innovative and beautiful. For me, the most memorable design that, sadly, never ended up coming to market, was Dutch designer Hannah Allijn‘s incredible origami-inspired curtain. On the surface, it looks like a flat curtain, but when pulled, it condenses like a beautifully crumpled piece of paper to let the sun in. I’ve had that design in my mind for years now, and I always get excited to see any new home good that takes its inspiration from origami. The latest is a piece that I also love, the Unfolded series of wallpaper from Sidonie Loiseleux.

Inspired by the intricate folds of origami and the patterns it leaves behind on paper, Sidonie created five new styles that represent different folds. The finished paper is based on a photograph so it lays flat, but still has the look of texture and shadows that comes from a three dimensional piece of folded paper. White walls are sometimes a bit too sparse for me, so I love the idea of this as a spin on the look, but with a bit more detail and fun. Click here to check out the Unfolded series from Sidonie Loiseleux. xo, grace

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  • This is beautiful. I’m glad you mentioned it lays flat, because the texture is really convincing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow! Over the years, wallpaper has definitely made a sort of comeback (and it’s a far cry from the florals and patterns of the 80’s and 90’s!), but I’m usually underwhelmed by these new styles with their overly trendy patterns and kitschy themes that just aren’t realistic for the kind of design-commitment that the application of wallpaper demands. THIS, however, is fresh and unusual and beautiful!

    I love that at the end of the day it’s still a white wall, but it has ties to an ancient craft with layers and layers of history and meaning. I love that each wallpaper pattern is named from the origami critter from which it unfolded. And I love that it reminds me also of embossed metal ceiling tiles and plaster ceiling medallions.

    Lovely, quality, thoughtful, design! Thank you for featuring this!

  • Grace, I saw on instagram and all became clear. Congrats! And no worries. :) Just checking.

  • I’ve not seen these types of wallpapers before, they would go with the 2016 color of the year for Benjamin Moore Paints!