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Jenna’s Bedroom Makeover

by Grace Bonney

I will never fail to be amazed by the power of molding and decorative woodwork. I’ve always had a soft spot for painted wood paneling and wainscoting, but when you combine them and throw in a beautiful wooden floor, I’m sold.

This master bedroom makeover comes from Jenna Sue, who blogs about her home renovation projects in California. While her bedroom started as a simple space with beige carpeting, it has become a beautiful and cozy escape. I really think all of the incredible wood detailing happening in this space (along with rich, grey paints) makes it a knock-out. I love the way that Jenna added a wide mix of textures (faux sheepskin throws, sisal baskets and wool bedding) to create warmth and add a nice contrast to all the new wooden construction. Click through to see more of Jenna’s master bedroom makeover after the jump! xo, grace

Click here for the full details and sourcing for Jenna’s project!

The Before: Jenna’s bedroom started out as a standard, new construction space with wall-to-wall carpeting and a major lack of architectural detailing and woodwork.

Jenna made a master plan (very well documented here) that went for a cabin feel with deep colors and lots of soft, fuzzy textures to play up the warmth.

The first major step was to remove the carpeting and install “value grade” oak flooring. (Jenna documented the full floor process here.)

After that, Jenna created a DIY Planked Bedroom Wall that added major drama behind her headboard.


After the planked back wall, Jenna added trim to the master bedroom window to enhance the shape and view. This project cost around $50 and added so much visual value to the space.


After the windows, the ceiling was covered in beadboard (my favorite) and Jenna created an impressive DIY paneled wall. The rest of the finished look speaks for itself below!


The finished After…


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  • Wow, what a stunning transformation! It’s inspired me to make changes for sure. Congratulations to Jenna, to a very stunning new bedroom.

  • First of all, this is one of my most favorite before and afters ever! I absolutely love that this does not even resemble a new construction room anymore. And second of all, I love being able to scroll down the page to see all of the images. I missed this format so much. The flip through images at the top were just okay (for me personally). But I am so happy to see the return of the scroll down page. YAY for this post!

  • This is amazing! I love how changing a few of the structural details in a room can totally change the feel of it! That, and it looks like most of this is stuff a homeowner can easily figure out on their own!

  • WOW! What an inspiring transformation! I appreciate all the detailed pictures and the great color palate. Congrats on a beautiful bedroom.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words, Grace! Glad you love the transformation and appreciate all the hard work that went into it :)

  • I like the room, but I do believe that the cat is the best addition to the whole thing. She goes perfectly with the colour scheme.

  • This is a beautiful transformation! I was honestly a bit skeptical as I scrolled through the pictures and saw the wall behind the headboard (before it was all put together, of course), but I love how the different designs came together to create a room that really flows and has character. Beautiful!

  • This is SO clever and inspired! Who would have thought to build out the window like that?? I’m so impressed and want to do this to my house now!

  • An amazing transformation! Having lived in a California ‘new-build’ for many years, it never occurred to me to do anything like this! I’m totally inspired and impressed! Great job, Jenna!

  • There’s no mention of the units on either side of the bed.Were they purchased or constructed on site ? Really love the transformation!

    • Linda, they are pax units from Ikea that she then customized. I found this information on the link to the full project details.

  • I echo the comments about this being a thoughtful and well put together transformation, so impressed by what a difference retro-fitting window trim makes. But also, sitting here in the middle of London I want that view so badly. Look at those green hills!

  • Wow! This is really amazing! Very inspired, visionary and thoughtful!
    And thanks also for the scroll down “after the jump”. So much easier to navigate!

  • such a great view, it’s only fitting that the bedroom transforms to a haven to look at it. what nice easy steps – they made such a big difference!

  • How long did this take to do? How many people were involved? How much did materials cost? Beautiful, Amazing…even the ceilings are so interesting…well done.