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In Long Island City, A Creative Vision

by Shannon Grant

Working predominantly with homeowners and renters on Sneak Peeks, I sometimes forget that decorating a home is just as much a creative expression of the person living in the space as it is for the person designing it, which in some cases is the interior designer. Of course, the designer is trying to capture and express what is important for her client, but there’s always some element of personal influence from the designer, and their vision is certainly imbedded throughout the home. That is the case today as we peek into a project by Jenny Norris, an interior designer who is on a constant quest to merge her three passions: photography, interior design and travel.

This Long Island City home was just a blank slate when she started out. She says that, first and foremost, it was important to soften the space with color and texture. She did this by introducing pieces such as a reclaimed wooden stool and dining table, grey grasscloth wallpaper and exotic textiles sourced from flea markets. These pieces are inspired by Jenny’s travels to places like Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco, among many others. Being that travel is Jenny’s first passion, it was important that she incorporate that into her interiors. Layered onto these textured accents is an intriguing collection of photography. Several rooms are adorned with photos of far-flung locales, including one with a personal story. While working on this project, Jenny became very friendly with her clients. She relayed that the clients, a couple on their honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, befriended Jenny’s favorite waiter from a restaurant she had visited on a trip to the very same place. Since the destination was so magical to all of them, they decided to incorporate that into the home, by hanging one of Jenny’s photographs of a secret beach in Positano, Italy in the bathroom. The result is an elegant home evoking the passions of both client and designer. Shannon

Photography by Jenny Norris

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"It was important to create a serene, but not boring, bedroom," Jenny says. "Overall, the home is very gender-neutral in its design, so I wanted to establish a few feminine moments. The mirrored nightstand and pink peonies feel feminine, but not overly girly. We kept the art black-and-white to maintain the calm aesthetic. Also, the textiles and subtle patterns inject a bit of global sensibility."
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"I love this vignette. It's angular, neutral and simple, but still interesting. The concrete console table anchors this part of the room and Peter Beard's image against the white of the wall is so striking."
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Jenny says, "I wanted to give the homeowners a chic space, but keep it youthful where they'd feel completely comfortable to hang out and relax in. The mid-century inspired sofa paired with the swing-arm light lends just a touch of vintage and the brass stools add a dash of glam! The arctic landscape photograph hanging above the sofa is so tranquil, especially juxtaposed with the graphic rug."
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"I like moments that feel well curated, so it was important to accessorize in a purposeful way."
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"I see the dining room as an extension of the living space - it feels clean and simple, but the rustic table and stools give the room a comfortable and relaxed feel," Jenny says. "The mobile pendant pairs nicely with the black Tolix chairs. I'm a bit of a minimalist and I gravitate toward pieces that don't feel overpowering. I'm interested in negative space, just as much as positive space."
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"These small, geometric planters echo the graphic rug - they're adorable!"
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Jenny says, "Given the more global feel in the bedroom, it felt important to incorporate different patterns, even in the details. Vintage books with beautiful covers are inexpensive and unique bedside accessories."
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"A graphic, colorful art arrangement is a great way to dress up a white wall."
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"We wanted to give the bathroom a spa-like touch," Jenny says. "The natural teak bathmat and Turkish hand towels balance out the bold, tie-dye wallpaper."
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"I like to mix materials, it helps to give a home character! In this modest sized space, we incorporated wood, metal, concrete and textiles."
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"This antique tiled mirror compliments the antique accents well (and a stack of artful books looks good anywhere!)," Jenny says.
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