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DIY Wreath of Boxes

by Grace Bonney

DIY Wreath of Boxes by Hank & Hunt for DesignSponge
A few boxes and a little twine is a clean and modern approach to gift wrapping, so why not use the same approach on a wreath? Black on white and a modern square shape updates the classic Christmas wreath without being too kitschy. A paired down palette is the key to freshening up your holiday décor and with such bold contrast, this wreath will fit perfectly in even the most traditional of homes. –Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt

1 easy holiday wreath supplies
What You’ll Need:

-12” x 12” flat framed square wood frame (for base support of wreath, bonus if it has hanging hardware attached, ArtMinds brand, Michaels)

-28 square white boxes (3.5” x 3.5”, can also be found at Michaels)

-twine / ribbon of your choice

-hot glue gun


Flip over wood frame and remove backing. Use pliers to gently pull out the metal tabs that were holding the picture backing in place. Discard tabs.

2 easy holiday wreath

Tie each box with string and a small bow. Bonus: if you weren’t already an expert bow maker, you will be after doing this 28 times.

3 easy holiday wreath

Place wood frame face up, making sure the hanging hardware is on the back of the top. Lay out the tied boxes on top of the frame, 5 each side, getting a visual of spacing and layout to make a perfect square. The wood frame I found fit the boxes perfectly, if I lined up the inside of the frame with the inside edge of the boxes. Hot glue each box down by putting hot glue on the frame and pressing down the box until set. Work each side and then add the corners.

4 easy holiday wreath

Once you finish the first layer, repeat the process with the second layer, but this layer is only 4 boxes per side. Arrange the bows on the first layer before gluing down the second layer. You might occasionally need to use larger drops of hot glue to secure the second layer of boxes, because the lids can concave a bit.

Let cool, enjoy and hang, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all.

5 easy holiday wreath

diy easy holiday wreath

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