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DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Tree Skirt

by Grace Bonney

​I’m certainly not the type who can trim the tree the same way, year after year. I love to try something new each Christmas, and while I often start with the ornaments, this year I decided to start with the skirt. I’ve admired the beauty of Moroccan wedding blankets for quite some time now, and it hit me that I could perhaps come up with something similar for a tree skirt. The blankets add so much warmth and texture to a space, and their subtle hints of sparkle are perfect for the holidays. Plus, the neutral palette lends itself to all sorts of decor – perfect for my ever-changing tree. –Gwen Hefner of The Makerista


Here is what you’ll need:

-A square piece of fabric (my fabric was 55″ wide, so I had the store cut it 55″ long)
-Trimmings (I used 13 yards of sequin, 13 yards of brush fringe and a ball of yarn)
-Fabric glue OR thread and a sewing machine
-A bowl or saucer
-Measuring tape
-Disappearing pen


Begin by folding your fabric in half, then fold it in half again (quartering it into a smaller square).
Find the folded corner and place a bowl or saucer over about 3″ of the corner. Trace with you pen and cut.


To get the bottom of the skirt rounded, you’ll need to think back to using a compass as a kid. Determine the length of your skirt and then slide the 0″ end of the measuring tape across the cut corner, marking at that same distance (23″ for me) all the way around.


​Connect your dots and cut through all 4 layers.


​You now have a piece of fabric that is shaped like an “O” if you open it up and lay it flat. But you’ll need an opening to get it around the tree easily. With the skirt still folded into quarters, find the side that has two outward folds and cut down the center of one of the folds. Now your “O” is a “C.”


It’s time to decorate by adding the trims. You can opt to sew or glue here, and while I usually choose to sew, gluing seemed appropriate for this project. It’s not an item that gets a lot of wear and gluing will save you a lot of time. Begin with the fringe on the inside of the skirt and simply glue a piece from one side of the slit to the other.


​Measure down to find the halfway point of the skirt, placing several marks around the circumference as guides, and glue on another piece of fringe.


​Glue fringe on the outside of the skirt and then fill in, between what you have already attached.


​Next, add the sequin trim, simply eyeballing in between the fringe pieces.


And finally, fill in with yarn.

​Enjoy the sparkle and warmth it brings to your tree!

DIY Tree Skirt by The Makerista for Design*Sponge

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