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DIY Branch Ladder

by Grace Bonney

DIY Branch Ladder by Mandi of Vintage Revivals for Design*Sponge
Natural elements have the power to make even the best spaces look a little bit better. There are endless ways you can bring some of the outside in, but one of my favorite ways is working with branches. This simple ladder project would be a great way to display blankets, treasured pieces of vintage fabric or just your daily bath towels. For the holidays, I decided to string the ladder with lights to add a more festive feel, but you could add just about any detail (garland, small wreaths or ribbons) and it will look fantastic. –Mandi of Vintage Revivals

DIY Raw Branch Ladder-8
What you’ll need:

-Long branches the height of your ladder (approximately 3-3 1/2” round)
-Shorter branches (approximately 1 1/2-2” round)
-(1) 1” Hole saw
-(1) 1” Forstner drill bit
-Miter saw, or hand saw
-Razor blade or pocket knife


Start by cleaning your branches. You can use a pocket knife or a razor blade to scrape off the bark and smooth them out.

DIY Raw Branch Ladder-9
DIY Raw Branch Ladder-11

Once you have the majority of the bark off, use your sander to smooth the wood. Don’t sand it too much, though, you’ll want to keep the weathered grey as much as you can!

DIY Raw Branch Ladder-12

Cut all of your rungs with your saw so that they are nice and straight.

DIY Raw Branch Ladder-13

Clamp your branch to a stable surface.

DIY Raw Branch Ladder-14

Center the 1” hole saw on the end of your branch and drill in 3/4”.

DIY Raw Branch Ladder-16

Chip off the wood on the outside of the hole.

Use the Forstner bit to drill holes along each side of your long branches (make sure that they are lined up so that your rungs are level!).

DIY Raw Branch Ladder-17
DIY Raw Branch Ladder-18
DIY Raw Branch Ladder-19
DIY Raw Branch Ladder-20

Fill the holes with a little bit of wood glue and attach the rungs!

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