Hart Made’s Hudson Valley Pillows

by Maxwell Tielman

For some designs, material functions as a means to an end—something needed in order to achieve a desired function or form. Some designs, on the other hand, are tangible love letters to a material, a celebration of a raw ingredient’s natural beauty. Textile designer Jamie Israelow’s beautiful Hudson Valley Pillows fall into the latter camp. Produced for her small textile brand, Hart Made, Israelow’s handwoven pillows are crafted from un-dyed sheep’s wool from a farm in upstate New York. These stunning works of handicraft function just as much as useable objects (they are quite comfy and wonderfully soft), as reflections, records even, of the yarn from which they are made. When I met Jamie at this fall’s Field & Supply market in High Falls, NY, I marveled at just how rich and multifaceted her seemingly bare-bones designs could be. Unencumbered by added colors, the wools are able to shine, slight variations in color reflecting everything from a sheep’s breed to their diet and age. Check out some more photos of Jamie’s beautiful designs, plus her design notes, below! —Max

hart_made_form_1 dashing-farm-hart-made_1 hart_made_form_2 dashing-farm-hart-made_2 hart_made_form_3



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  • LOVE these, and the ones on her website are equally beautiful (the photo styling is very fun, too). I want to put my face on them, haha.

  • These are so lovely. Putting them on my holiday wish list. It is so neat that the wool isn’t dyed and that the color comes right from the sheep (and chocolate brown and oatmeal sheep sound adorable)!