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DIY Project: Woven Ceiling Light

by Lindy Jacoby

Unique light fixtures have been making their way throughout design – especially lately – creating beautiful additions to almost any room in the house. When designing, light fixtures can often be an afterthought, but it should be one of the primary pieces to consider. Light fixtures are typically the indirect centerpiece of gatherings and should go with the rest of the space’s styling, and sometimes can be art pieces that are great talking points with guests. It is always exciting when you can create a light on a very low budget that captures all of these qualities! If that is what you are seeking, you came to the right place!

As a designer, I am constantly seeking new styles of fixtures that bring out the best light and are statements pieces to any space. When seeing the GADDIS baskets at IKEA, I had to grab them to create this light fixture. This is a simple DIY that can revamp your space instantly. Not only is it cheap and easy to create, but it bends and divides the light through the space, while also being an art piece. Check out the step-by-step instructions below! –Lindy

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-2 very light weight, small baskets (I used the GADDIS basket from IKEA)

-clear fishing wire

-light cord (I used the HEMMA cord from IKEA – comes in several colors)

-white flat spray paint

-a sheet or large pieces of paper

-ceiling hook (Note: If you purchase a HEMMA cord there will be hooks included)


-1 light bulb

-measuring tape




1. In a well ventilated area, place the sheet or large pieces of paper on the ground. Gather all your material.


2. Place the baskets on the sheet/paper facing down. Shake the spray paint container according to the instructions on the back of the container. Spray 6” to 8” away from the basket to not create drips, while also coating the baskets evenly. Go over the entire basket on the outside. Once the outside is coated, let it dry for 1 to 5 minutes. It may take several layers, so once a layer is dry, repeat the spraying process as many times as needed to reach the desired color. (I did four layers total.) Let the outside of the basket dry for at least 10 minutes.

3. Flip the basket over; once the outside is completely dry, repeat the spraying process until you get the color you desire for the inside.


4. While the baskets are drying, create two large loops with fishing wire. This will be for hanging the light later on. To create, take a measuring tape and measure how far from the ceiling you’d like the top of the light to hang. Take that measurement and multiply it by two, then add two inches. Cut two pieces of fishing wire this length. Set aside. (You will finish the loops in a later step.)



5. Once the basket is completely painted and dry, grab the light cord. Using one of the baskets, string the light cord from the inside to the outside – having the bulb part be on the inside of the basket. You may need to cut a small hole in the top if there isn’t enough space between the weaves to get the cord through. Do not make the hole too big, because you don’t want the light bulb to go through.


6. Take the two pieces of fishing wire that you cut earlier. Loop them around the top of the basket under one of the middle weaves. Get it as close to the center as possible. Tie the ends of the fishing wire together in several knots. This will create a way to hang the light on a hook. (Note: This is done after you string the light through, since you may have to cut the top of the basket slightly.)

7. To do this step, you can either hang the basket up on a hook or you can use the ground, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Grab the two baskets, fishing wire and scissors. Cut two strips of fishing wire that are about 6 inches long. Place the baskets together with the open ends facing each other. Taking one piece of fishing wire, wrap around the edges in a small area (about an inch wide) to create a “x” form. Wrap several times around and tie several knots. Repeat this technique on the opposite side. Cut any extra fishing wire that is hanging off the light. You can tie in more places on the basket if you need to or want to, but two places should hold.

8. All you have to do now is hang up your light!


The light is featured in white, but you could choose any color you desire to complete your space. Where will you put your light?

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