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DIY Project: Decorative Paper Clips

by Lindy Jacoby

To make any work environment a little more fun, creative personal desk accessories are a must. Having a few pieces around that express your personal style can make any workday more uplifting. Decorative paper clips are a great way to make any project a little more enjoyable. This DIY is so easy to make and the possible shapes are endless. The template provided showcases five different shapes (with two sizes for each shape), but let your imagination run wild with ideas. You can even switch up the color of the wire, too. Have fun! –Lindy

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-gold wire 20 gauge (there are many colors you can choose from)

-wire cutters/pliers

paper clip template



1.Gather your materials and print out the paper clip template.

2.Cut a piece of wire (length depends on the paper clip style). Straighten the piece of wire out as much as possible.

3.With the wire cutters/pliers, wire and template, decide on the paper clip shape you want. Bend the wire to the template of the paper clip you desire, by placing it on the piece of paper, then using the cutters/pliers to bend to the form. Use the cutters/pliers to cut the extra off.





4.Once you complete one paper clip, make as many as you want!


Don’t be afraid to make many. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll go through them!



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