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Before & After: Apple Crate Upgrade

by Grace Bonney

When life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade, right? But what about when life (or a friend) gives you apples? Well, if you’re Jeanne McGee, you make pies and turn the box into a beautiful patterned storage piece. Jeanne is an artist, designer and printmaker based in Minneapolis who knows her way around a stamp. After she and her family finished eating the many delicious apples originally housed in this container, she decided to create two custom hand-carved stamps to decorate the front and back sides (each side has a different pattern). After adding casters to the bottom, she now has a functional storage box for blankets and anything else she might need to keep handy during cold winter months. xo, grace

*If you want to build something similar (minus the stamping), we did a full DIY for an upholstered rolling storage bench a while back for Oprah!

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