Sarah Kersten’s Covered Bowls

by Maxwell Tielman


Some of my favorite designs are ones that bring an unexpected, handcrafted element to an everyday object. Bay Area ceramist Sarah Kersten’s work does just this, pushing the boundary between the functional and the artistic, the commonplace and the extraordinary. Sarah came to prominence in recent years with a collection of fermentation jars, an item that brought the beauty of handmade ceramics and the health benefits of fermentation to the countertop. With her demand exceeding her workspace and supply, Sarah recently unveiled a new studio line of pottery combined with a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising funds for a new studio space. Among the various kitchen products in the line are one-cup coffee brewers, planters, and serving bowls—each crafted with Sarah’s unique hand and aesthetic. One of my favorite items, though, is Sarah’s collection of nesting covered bowls, an utterly gorgeous take on the drab plastic containers that typically house our refrigerated food and leftovers. Unlike Tupperware or the countless other mass-market covered containers available, these beautiful objects can go from the table, to the refrigerator, and back again without any fuss or muss—the perfect melding of function and beauty. Check out more photos of the line, plus Sarah’s notes about her design process, after the jump! —Max

sarah_kersten_inspiration sarah_kersten_2

sarah_kersten_process   sarah_kersten_challenges

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  • Ah, I love this. I really want to get into pottery. Looking into buying a wheel myself. It seems rewarding making functional things.

  • Oooh I’ve wanted one of her fermentation jars for a while. The nesting bowls look amazing, too!

  • Absolutely lovely! Her work is so beautiful. I love the simplicity of it. She isn’t going to have any problems reaching her goal. Very inspiring!

  • So beautiful in its simplicity; but at the same time so precisely detailed! Plus, great video. :)

  • Love love love these functional beauties – be still my heart…..a fermentation jar! I covet the covered bowls as I shun plastic containers for my food. Good luck with the Kickstarter – off to share on Pinterest.