Make Room For

Make Room For: Wednesday Addams

by Maxwell Tielman

If the moody days of fall are well suited to any film character, it would most definitely be Wednesday Addams, the sharp-tounged, deliciously dark daughter from The Addams Family. Played to a T by Christina Ricci in the 1991 and 1993 film adaptations of Charles Addams’ classic comic strip, Wednesday is pretty much the patron saint of keepin’ it real—under any circumstances. Brutally honest, mildly sadistic, and wickedly funny, she is also gifted with an absolutely killer sense of style. Here, we pay tribute to this timeless femme fatale with a series of rooms and recipes that we know she would just die for. Check out all of our picks after the jump! —Max


Image above: You just know that she would throw some truly memorable dinner parties.

See more dark and twisty picks for Wednesday after the jump!


Image above: Favorite food? Blackberries, naturally.


Image above: She doesn’t underestimate the importance of a good (or BAD) first impression.


Image above: Wednesday’s paint color of choice? No question—BLACK.


Image above: She would most certainly relish the opportunity to cover everything with it.


Image above: She’s not picky, though. White works, too.


Image above: She has a fondness for creatures of the night and isn’t afraid to show it.


Image above: When it comes to decorating her bedchamber, she doesn’t shy away from the unusual. Hell, “Unusual” is probably her middle name.


Image above: We have a feeling that she would like to have all of her favorite tools on-hand.


Image above: After a long day of scheming devilish plots, there’s nothing like a nice long bath.

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