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DIY Project: Hello Beautiful Doormat

by Lindy Jacoby

DIY Doormat by Lidy for Design*Sponge
Fall is upon us, which brings crisp air, the coziest of clothes, delicious treats and lots of gatherings with our favorite people. It can also bring unwanted outside dirt inside at times. A doormat is the perfect solution to fix that, and to make this fall completely perfect. Doormats can have such a large impact on our home. The simple gesture at your front door gives the first impression of your home, greeting your visitors and creating the simple function of making your home clean. If you can’t seem to find the right doormat for this season, if every doormat seems too expensive, or you just want to do a fun project that is perfect for fall life at your home, why not make this easy, cheap and very fun “hello beautiful” doormat? Below are step-by-step details on how to create this simple (but lovely) gesture. Get ready, because your feet and your home will thank you. –Lindy

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2 copy

-plain doormat (the doormat shown is the TRAMPA from IKEA) (Note: You want a doormat with an even surface, because a woven doormat won’t work for the cursive lettering.)

-matte finish spray paint (shown: a dark blue)

-satin longer length sewing pins


-14 sheets of 60# paper (Note: The paper can be thicker than 60#, but anything lighter may not work properly.)

-either a sheet or large sheets of paper (Note: Needs to be bigger than mat.)



1. Gather all your materials (see next step for creating stencils) and set up a workspace in a well ventilated area (such as a garage) or outside. (Note: If you have children or pets, make sure they don’t go near your workspace or the mat until it dries, because the paint can be strong.)

2. To create the “hello beautiful” stencils, use a computer program that you can easily write in (such as Word or Illustrator). Write “hello beautiful” or the phrase of your choosing. Change font to Snell Roundhand and set the size to 700. You’ll print one letter per page. In order to make “hello beautiful” you will need 15 sheets of 60# paper (The “f” will need two pages). Print and cut out the letters with scissors.

3. Place the letters on the mat in your desired location. Make sure to place them all before pinning or they may not be straight. (Note: You can use a ruler to help with making the words straight. Also, I connected the letters to look more like cursive writing.)

4. Pin your letters down. Each pin should be no more than 1″ apart (this will make sure that the spray paint doesn’t go under the stencil). Where the letters are thinner in places, you may want to have the pins closer.

3 copy
4 copy

5. Prepare your workspace by placing either the sheet or large sheets of paper on the ground. Place your mat on the paper/sheet. Make sure there are at least 6 inches of extra space from the paper/sheet around the mat so the floor underneath does not get ruined when painting.

6. Make sure the paper stencils are as close to the surface of the mat as possible before spraying. This will help the design come out clean. You can push down the paper more with your fingers.

7. It’s time to spray paint! Shake the container according to the directions on the label. Hold the can parallel to the mat (this will prevent from paint going under the stencils) and 6″-10″ from the surface. In a sweeping motion go back and forth to cover the mat. Once the first layer of paint is on, wait one minute, then repeat as many times as you need to get the coat color you want. I did 6 coats to get the color shown.

5 copy
6 copy

8. Let the mat dry completely. The time will vary depending on which paint brand you use.

9. Place the mat somewhere fun so it can make you smile every time you and your guests see it, or it can be a great gift, too.

It is such a simple piece that adds a huge statement to your home! Other colors that you can use for your mat that would be great for fall are deep purple, black, orange, red or deep green. It was so easy and fun that I promise once you do one, you’ll want to make one for everyone you know!

1 copy
8 copy
9 copy

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  • Great idea! I’m thinking about trying it out with block letters to get a little bit clearer edges, and maybe metallic paint! Thanks for the idea! :)


  • This project looks great. I love how this is a simple DIY as I’m not the best at following through when there are too many steps. Looking forward to try this one out!

  • What happens when you rub your feet on it, does it stain your shoes and then the entry way? I love the idea but would hate to ruin my floors.

  • thanks for this tutorial! a super easy concept that solves the problem of all the drab options available in hardware stores and home decor shops. would make a great house warming present.

  • Nalini, I did this 3 years ago with rainbow colors and it still looks great and had not ruined any floors or made any mess. In fact, if you already have an old doormat that looks old and crummy, you can just fix it up by spraying the whole thing!

  • I did this DIY project last night. I made my own stencils by printing out letters and tracing them onto cardboard. I love this project and it’ll look great on my new deck.

  • I made one as a housewarming gift…the host put it out before people arrived and sadly someone was really trying todry their shoes off before they came in and blurred all the paint and it covered the letters. So disappointed. Can you make a suggestion on how to stop this or maybe not put it out when it’s been wet or some sort of sealer? Otherwise, it was amazing.

  • Melanie – I used an acrylic spray-paint called “Gold”, and it’s lasted for a fortnight so far, and has had lots of traffic over it, and it still looks ace. Just FYI, I hand-drew a stencil (just of ‘hello’) from cardboard, and stuck it to the coir matting with double-sided tape, then sprayed :-) Easy. peasy. #PrettinessInspiredByDesignSponge

  • Thank you very much for posting this DIY. I was wondering, though- instead of painting the entire mat with paint, do you think it would be easier to simply cut a stencil out of a thick piece of paper and only paint the letters? You can trace your pattern on the paper, then use an Exacto knife to cut the letters out, and spray just the letters on your mat instead of painting the entire mat. Thank you again for sharing!