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DIY Project: Cherry Pumpkins by Brittany Jepsen

by Grace Bonney

DIY Cherry Pumpkins by Brittany Jepsen for Design*Sponge
I’m not the hugest fan of creepy Halloween décor, so when it’s time to think of how I’d like to decorate my own home I tend to go for something floral or color related. Enter, cherry pumpkins. The trick to these cherry pumpkins is finding pumpkins in similar round sizes. I spent a good deal of time at the pumpkin patch evaluating the perfect shape and I love how they turned out. –Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built

Photographs by Laura Sumrak

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-pumpkins in similar round sizes
-crepe paper
-glue gun
-green card stock
-masking tape
-red spray paint
-wire (Brittany used floral wire wrapped in paper from the craft store)


Step 1: Spray your orange pumpkins red. I got a little carried away and added some shading with darker reds and a spot of pink and orange, but a simple red color is perfectly fine. Let the pumpkins sit until fully dry.


Step 2: If the stems of the pumpkins are too curved, cut them down a bit with cutters so that they point vertically.

Step 3: Wrap a large piece of crepe paper at the base of the stem and secure with glue gun. Wrap it around a number of times (I did it about 5 times) so that it creates the width you want. Secure it with glue.


Step 4: There should be a little leeway at the top of your new stem. I inserted a piece of 18” wire into the stem to give it more flexibility later.

Step 5: To create a thinner, twistier stem, I wrapped masking tape around the stem while twisting it.

wrap another layer of crepe
wrap tape around it

Step 5: Cut a piece of crepe paper about 1” wide going against the grain (you can also use party streamers) and wrap it around the whole stem up to the top. As you can see from the picture, I started out with red, but I later decided to change it to green.

wrap the stem in crepe paper

Step 6: Use a 12” piece of green cardstock to create leaves for your cherries. Secure together with glue gun.

Et voila! These pumpkin cherries will add a dash of whimsy and catch people off guard (“are those PUMPKINS?!?”). Happy Halloween!


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