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DIY Project: Apple Stamp Table Runner

by Sarah Adiutori

Design*Sponge DIY Apple Stamp Runner
With fall in full swing, it seems that everyone is heading out to their local orchard and picking apples. The after effects of those trips are an abundance of indulgent desserts flooding my Instagram feed. Instead of using all of the apples to make pies and other yummy treats, I thought why not decorate my kitchen table? Using an apple stamp I made myself, I created a simple and chic table runner that’s perfect for fall. I stuck to a black and white color palette so the overall look steers clear of “elementary school art class” and stays firmly in my personal style. Whether you pick the apples from a tree or from the produce section, this is a great DIY project that will instantly add a bit of seasonal flair to your home. –Sarah Adiutori

Design*Sponge DIY Apple Stamp Runner

Photographs above by Maxwell Tielman

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-18” x 86” piece of muslin
-paper towels
-medium sized apple
-black paint
-white paint
-fabric medium
-foam brushes
-paper plates
-cardboard, to place under fabric while stamping
-sewing machine


1. Wash the fabric without using fabric softener, tumble dry on low and iron.

Step 1

Step 1

2. Cut the apple in half, remove the stem and any loose seeds. Dry the apple with a paper towel.

Step 2

3. In a paper plate, mix equal parts of fabric medium and black paint.

Step 3

4. Lay a piece of cardboard underneath your fabric prior to stamping to protect your work surface.

5. Using a foam brush, apply the fabric paint evenly to the cut side of the apple.

Step 5

6. Press the cut side of the apple firmly down onto the fabric. Carefully lift the apple straight up and away from the fabric. Each time you stamp, you will need to reapply the fabric paint to the apple stamp, this will ensure you get clean lines every time you stamp.

Step 6a
Step 6b

7. Continue stamping until you have achieved your desired pattern. I opted for a diagonal pattern that alternates in color (black and white).

8. In order to achieve a crisp and clean look, you may need to touch up some areas of the stamped apple shape using a brush.

Step 8a
Step 8b
Step 8c

Repeat steps 3 through 8 with the white paint and the unused half of the apple.

Step 9

9. Allow the paint to dry, then set using an iron on the cotton setting without steam. Make sure to place a piece of fabric over the stamped fabric while ironing to protect your iron.

10. Using your iron, press ½” fold on each side of the runner. Do not unfold.

Step 11

11. Press a 1” fold on each side of the runner and then unfold.

Step 12

12. Fold in the corner, lining up the creases of the 1” fold you just made (see photo), press this area to create a new crease.

Step 13a
Step 13b

13. Unfold the corner and fold the runner so that the two outer edges of the runner are lined up, sew a straight stitch across the crease you made in step 12. Repeat for the remaining corners.

Step 14a
Step 14b
Step 14c

14. Cut off the excess fabric, approximately ½” away from the seam you just created, then snip at a diagonal (see photo). Unfold the table runner and press the seam open. Repeat for the remaining corners.

Step 15a
Step 15b
Step 15c

15. Turn the corners inside out and press.

Step 16

16. Stitch the edges down, stitching as close as possible.

17. Iron your table runner.

Design*Sponge DIY Apple Stamp Runner

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