A Day In The Life

A Day in the Life of Lorena Siminovich

by Grace Bonney

As busy as I feel some days, I am always in awe of the incredible working parents who manage to juggle the ups and downs of running their own businesses along with raising their children. Lorena Siminovich of Petit Collage is one of those working moms I admire so much and it’s been an honor to interview her on my radio show, as well as this blog, over the years. Her personal story is full of drive, passion and talent and I will never tire of listening to her talk about how important it is to maintain your personal interests and inspiration as well as look after your children’s. Lorena’s day-to-day life involves so many different types of creative work, from sketching and book writing to designing new prints and mobiles, so I was excited to peek inside her process to see how she gets everything done. I hope you’ll enjoy this look at her daily life as much as I did. Thanks so much to Lorena for sharing her day with us! xo, grace

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“Rise and shine! I love the morning light in our kitchen. I try to start my day with a cup of tea.”

“My daughter Matilda wakes up VERY bright and early: many days we manage to sneak in a little arts + crafts before school time.”

“Out the door. I’m always shuttling bags back and forth between home and the studio with who knows what: samples, books, you name it!”

“The Petit Collage studio is a small-and-sweet space in the Mission District in San Francisco. Replying to a bazillion e-mails takes a big part of my day.”

“There’s always a new baby or birthday boy or girl needing a gift; good thing we have such a nice supply on hand! Can’t say I’m always on time, but I do love sending presents off in the mail.”

“Time to refuel. Ritual Coffee is right down the hill from the studio – a blessing and a curse!”

“Taking notes from old designs for some upcoming pieces; always something new brewing around here.”

“I had to retake a picture from a photoshoot I did this weekend for our new Windham Fabrics collection. Lucky me that Matilda and her friends are such willing and happy (and fun!) models.”

“Walking home I’m treated to the most AMAZING, ocean-like sky. Beautiful, beautiful!”

“At dinnertime my husband cooks, and Matilda provides the entertainment. I’m a lucky woman. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s theater, and tonight it’s gymnastics. Looks like we got ourselves a new coffee table!”

“Off to bed! I tell myself I’ll crack open my book, but in the end my phone will probably win out…”

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  • Beautiful garden! That is an impressive coffee table, mine haven’t tired that move yet…they are too fluid and usually do capoeira-like moves in the open space. We have a room that opens up to our garden scarcely furnished as well. It makes me feel better about not having the budget to buy furniture. Happy Nesting.

  • So nice to see other creative moms in their environment. The location and house may be different, but in so many ways we are all so similar!