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Room to Grow in Texas

by Amy Azzarito

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When Emily and Colby Allen started looking for a home in Fort Worth, Texas, they first zeroed in on the neighborhood – the Fairmount National Historic District, filled with beautiful Craftsman homes, a community garden with chickens and a tight-knit community that hosts neighborhood parades and arts events. They had been living in an older, dark home so when they found this 1918 restored Craftsman with beautiful natural light, an open floor plan, a big porch, hardwood floors and period details, they were hooked. And since Emily is a baker and event designer for her own company, Cakewalk Bake Shop, the fact that the kitchen had just been updated sealed the deal. In fact, the biggest challenge was figuring out how to make use of all the space. They rearranged things a hundred times before settling on a layout that works for them. They turned the upstairs into a master suite with the biggest room becoming the den/study, the guest room became their bedroom and another small room became the office. It’s a home with plenty of room to grow into.  –Amy

Photography by Apryl Ann

Image above: “The living room ended up orange somehow, which is funny because it’s not one of my favorite colors, but I love the rich textiles and warm lighting,” says Emily. “It feels a bit ’70s to me and like stumbling into a quirky cabin. Our diva cat Arnie has taken ownership of our Turkish pouf.”

Image above: “Our dining room is by far our most minimal in the home, and I love how clean it is.”

Image above: “While we lived together for years before settling down as a married couple, this home has felt like a magical place where we have grown so much individually and together when stuff got real. It’s a place where we have really grown up and home to so much evolution. It will always be a symbol of this time in our lives for me.”

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Image above: “I spend most of my time in the kitchen, so I decided to fill it with my favorite thing: cacti! Both real and by way of illustrated wallpaper. It makes me so happy to see this beautiful paper as I bake, and the greens were a nice way to lighten up and balance out the rich browns.”

Image above: “This built-in cupboard in our living room made for an easy bar area. We wanted to keep it clean and minimal as I love the period charm of it. The print is the first thing you see when you walk through our front door and I like to think of it as a reminder of how to live amid the daily distractions.”

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Image above: “We modeled our bedroom after the white-washed walls of our favorite places in Marfa. We loved the minimal adobe vibe with Peruvian textiles and wanted to create that space for ourselves with the found pieces we had and some objects we’ve collected on our Marfa trips.”


Image above: “A collection of color and happy vibes in our bedroom.”

Image above: “This small space is the first room in our house, a challenging space to organize, we made it into a morning reading spot and art wall.”

Image above: “The parallel windows in the den are perfect for plants. I hope to keep adding to the plant collection so that this room eventually has a wild, greenhouse feel.”

Image above: “A favorite place for napping and catching sunshine, upstairs in our makeshift den.”

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Image above: “This is the intended master suite that we have turned into a den/study area. This is our favorite hang, where we Netflix, read and rest, surrounded by some of our favorite memories and lots of books.”

Image above: “Colby is a basketball fanatic so I was so pumped to find this vintage captain’s blanket for him.”

Image above: “We’ve tried to keep our bathroom pretty monochromatic because we love the simple beauty of the tile and tub. The shower curtain is from The Thing project, a story by Dave Eggers, and the framed print is a funny little bit by Miranda July, two of our contemporary literary heroes. It’s nice to be able to engage with these ideas and humor each day, a secret joy.”

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