10 Second Studio Tour

10-Second Shop Tour: Rachel Comey

by Maxwell Tielman

Rachel Comey’s SoHo shop is a bit of an anomaly for its neighborhood. Surrounded by tall high rises and cast iron buildings, this Crosby Street storefront occupies a small, one-story lot—a former mechanic’s garage whose humble stature somewhat belies the beauties held within. Toying with contradictions seems to be the modus operandi at this store, though, something illustrated by the interior design work carried out by architect Elizabeth Roberts. An open, airy space lit from above by three massive skylights, the interior features a mixture of seemingly opposed construction materials—brass, exposed wood, travertine, poured concrete, hand-troweled stucco and pink carpeting all make appearances throughout the store (sometimes in unexpected places!)—but the result is one of beautiful, zen-like harmony. While certain materials like concrete or travertine might sound cold or uninviting on paper, the textural effects employed create a look that is at once precise and strangely organic. Combined with Comey’s stunning designs, the space far surpasses its industrial origins—it is intriguing, inviting and endlessly beautiful. Check out our 10-Second Tour above or continue after the jump for all of the photos from our visit! —Max

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