10 Second Studio Tour

10-Second Shop Tour: Beam

by Maxwell Tielman

What do you get when a corporate lawyer and an interior designer decide to open a shop together? If you’re referring to Beam, the recently-opened Williamsburg design store owned by Ali Arain and Gregory Coccaro, the answer is Total Awesomeness. Tucked away in a newly developed waterfront strip of Kent Avenue, Beam’s window-lined corner storefront is a veritable jewel box amidst its industrial surroundings. Despite its relatively tiny size, the shop is positively overflowing with color, charm, and just the right amount of cheekiness. With a stock list that ranges from the celebrated to the obscure, the decadent to the demure, Beam’s offerings are a fabulous mixture of contradictions that form a strangely cohesive, beautiful whole. Check out our 10-Second Tour above or continue after the jump for all of the photos from our visit! —Max

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  • i have not wanted to climb inside of my computer screen to this extent in a long time. please provide more detail on what is going on with those plates. fun and beautiful! max, your writing is so enjoyable. i usually think that, but am taking the time to say it since i am commenting anyway.

  • So inspiring to hear stories like this…leaving the corporate world to express your creative self! This store is full of color and fun aesthetic right down to the cute pup! Best of luck to them!

  • I need to know more about that “F*cking” mirror! Who is it by? What does it say? How can I get it? Thanks in advance! Also, are those gold chokers? Gorgeous.

  • They’ve done this place up so well and I’m sure it’s even better in person. I’ve been eyeing those black pendant lights and I’m pretty sure they made an appearance in This is Where I Leave You which I happened to see last night.