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10 Quotable Biz Ladies To Keep You Motivated

by Stephanie


As we enter the last quarter of the year, it can be so easy to take a backseat to your business and just let it coast into the new year…or maybe that’s just me. I’ve often found that the last three months of the year prove to be the most trying for keeping on a steady business track, with all of the holidays and events that come with this season. So if there is anything I can do to keep me moving forward, I cling to it like the last Thanksgiving biscuit!

I thought it might be helpful and inspiring to collect 10 more inspiring quotes from our incredible and eclectic group of Biz Ladies profile contributors. They’ve been so generous with their thoughts, advice and even failures for us to learn from, and they’ve shared more than a few nuggets of wisdom as well. Here’s to keeping the momentum going through the winter! –Stephanie

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Lisa Congdon

From Lisa Congdon’s profile 

Amelie Mancini

From Amelie Mancini’s profile 

Lily Piyathaisere of Gamma Folk

From Lily Piyathaisere of Gamma Folk’s profile 

Erin Loechner

From Erin Loechner’s profile 

Megan Gilger

From Megan Gilger’s profile 


From Matt Armendariz’s profile 


From Julia Rothman’s profile 

A Beautiful Mess

From Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman’s profile 


From Rebecca Atwood’s profile 


From Libby VanderPloeg’s profile 

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  • Megan’s quote resonates with me the most. Striving to do good, do what’s right and be better about things is of the utmost importance and speaks to not only a quality of character, but also to the true value in having a human element to all we do.

  • I appreciate what Libby said. That thinking helps me carry on with my own vision (which not everyone understands) but also helps me to expand my product ideas to include colors or textures that might not be my favorite, but someone else will love :-)