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Above photo by @two13vintage.

You guys—September is a week away. If that sentence doesn’t make your blood run cold and your soul want to hide in a corner, I don’t know what will. Seriously—where did this season go? Although summer’s official end date (at least up here in the Northern hemisphere) is September 22, there’s something about the shift in tone after Labor Day that sounds the death knell for summer. Still— I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom—there’s one more week, after all! So, to kick off your last-ditch efforts to soak up the sun for summer’s last hoorah, we’ve collected some more of our favorite submissions to the #DSSummer feed. May they fuel your weekend adventures, your Labor Day festivities, and your end-of-summer blowouts. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! xx Max


Above photo by @bethkellmer.


Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


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Image above by @Barceloneta_.


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Emily’s article is almost entirely about her plant, and small, contradictory bit about five other plants and nothing specific about those plants.

Ivy andrade

One Kings Lane has poor quality control on its products. Mostly from China – no surprise!

Grace Bonney


I worked with OKL for a sale and the goods sold in my section were not made in China. I don’t think that’s true of “most” of the goods they sell. They do a considerable amount of vintage and small, local indie maker sales and those are not made overseas or in a way that compromises the health and safety of workers.



I really look forward to catching up with Friday posts, but I had to laugh at the Crown Heights DIY. I guess I was thinking actual DIY versus extensive, expensive renovation completed by the husband’s professional design-build firm, filled with a large amount of expensive designer or custom-made furniture. I guess I can spray paint my walls (?). Thank goodness that D*S DIY content is more achievable.


We are going to the beach this week. It seems as if the summer is moving along way too fast. I wish I could rewind back to July. The first image made me realize that I have not had a snowcone this summer. That will change this week.