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Setting The Mood: Blue Crush

by Maxwell Tielman


If there is any slight downside to working for a design website, it’s that I am often confronted with requests (oftentimes urgent) for interior design advice. “Can you come over and tell me what to do with my apartment?” a friend might ask over coffee. Or, “Can you send me a list of things to buy for my bedroom? I have no idea what I’m doing.” Although I typically oblige, especially if it’s a good friend asking, I often feel like these questions are, for the most part, somewhat misguided. I’m a firm believer in the idea that taste in all things is entirely subjective—you gotta do you, etc. I will kindly offer input and suggestions, but the impetus, inspiration and flavor of a space should always come from yourself. You want to ornament your loft with nothing but “Return of The Jedi” memorabilia? I LOVE IT—more power to you. You wanna eschew current trends and paint your bathroom neon green? I’m behind you 100%! As far as I’m concerned—if it makes you happy, who cares what anybody else thinks? Still—I get that the prospect of undertaking an interior decoration project can be quite overwhelming and, without the proper tools, can seem like an exercise in futility. This is why, when it comes to all things decor, I find that narrowing your focus is a great way to start. Instead of making an exhaustive list of all of the colors, objects and trends that you like, for instance—find one thing that you like and let it inform the rest of your space.

Art is a great place to start. For an easy-breezy example, we’ve teamed up with our pals over at Minted to illustrate how to transform a room using just one piece of artwork. Using a lovely watercolor print from artist Yao Cheng and a fabulous bedroom from the D*S archives as the jumping-off point, we formulated a color palette and decorating scheme that is fresh, personal and (key word!) cohesive. Since it’s August and we’re jonesin’ for the beach, we went with a watery blue vibe, but the possibilities are endless! Try it out with a favorite painting, object, or flower and you’ll see how easy decorating can be! Check out all of our “Blue Crush” picks after the jump. —Max


1. Hygge & West’s “Diamante” Wallpaper | 2. Kawa Pendant by Suda | 3. Benjamin Moore “Sugar Cookie” paint | 4. Benjamin Moore “Crystal Springs” paint | 5. Benjamin Moore “Alpine White” paint | 6. Turquoise Ombre Velvet Pillow | 7. HAY Windsor Chair | 8. Secret Garden Planter | 9. Woven Cotton Bedding


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Minted. Thanks for supporting our sponsors who inspire us and help make special content possible!

Minted is an online marketplace for independent design. Independent designers from all over the world submit their work to Minted’s monthly design challenges. They produce winning designs as art prints and fine stationery including birth announcements, party invitations, personalized stationery & party decor. See their work here!


1. Zelda Table by Katy Skelton | 2. Agate Coasters | 3. Ripple Shibori Pillow by Rebecca Atwood | 4. Giorgio Morandi Retrospective book | 5. Blue Colorblock art print by That Girl Studio | 6. Dome Lamp by Allied Maker | 7. Faceted Cup by Japanese Ceramics | 8. Blue Handwoven Area Rug

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  • LOVE THIS. Please have more in this vein, putting together a cohesive room is an overwhelming and frustrating endeavor. I find that I buy things that I like, get them home, and they don’t look all that good together!

  • I’m using Safari and they don’t work for me either. The link to the artist’s piece works, though.

  • Artist pieces worked but the others didn’t but now I’m on my iPad and it’s fine! I was on Firefox.