Lena Corwin Tie-Dye Quilt

I love my borough, but Brooklyn has been a little less colorful since Lena Corwin moved back to San Francisco. Forever my textile idol, Lena has been designing (and illustrating) the most inspiring and beautiful patterns and textiles for years and her work will always be at the top of my “must have” list. Lena has been sharing her love of printmaking and dyeing with other design fans through classes held in her Brooklyn home and through the incredible books she published on printmaking and handmade goods. And as much as I adore Lena’s prints, I’ve always had a major soft spot for the tie-dye projects she does, so I was thrilled to see she’s designed a new reversible cotton quilt (finished with a tie-dye print). One side has a sweet floral print that reminds me of Lena’s earlier design work and the other has a beautiful indigo blue tie-dye pattern. I wanted to hear more about Lena’s process and what inspired this new piece, so I asked her to fill us in on the back story. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing more about her latest design! xo, grace

Lena’s portrait photograph by Sherise Lee

Read through to find out more about Lena’s inspiration, challenges and how many versions it took to get to the final style…



Kari J

Very beautiful quilt! I’m going to go home and pull out “Made By Hand;” odd that I brought “Tie-Dye” by Simon-Alexander along with me to work today, for inspiration snacks. You’re reinforcing my need to get a dye project started this weekend!
I keep resisting quilt making, thinking only of the many pieces of fabric and precision sewing, but this opens a new door for me, and uses dyeing! I love it!


This is so cool & inspirational! I really enjoy quilting. I need to get back into it.

– Christina

Vanessa B

Shibori folding technique with ordinary fabric dye, not indigo ?