15 Interior Design Feeds to Follow on Instagram

BuzzFeed and HomePolish were nice enough to include us in a post on their favorite interior design Instagram accounts, so it got me thinking about the accounts that we all love and follow here at D*S. I’ve been tracking down and following a wide range of designers, from more established high-end interior designers to up and coming DIY-based interior designers, and have found more inspiration than I can possibly handle. It feels like every other day I’m sending myself another batch of screengrabs I’ve taken on my phone of designers to check out, interview or work with in some way. There’s something about that little square window into someone else’s world that feels so fascinating. I love getting to see how designers put together a home from start to finish and so many of these feeds do just that. Whether they share paint samples and fabric swatches or inspiring travel photos, these are 15 of my favorite interior design-based feeds right now. If you need a little bit more decor inspiration in your life, these are the people to be checking out. xo, grace

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JamieMeares: Jamie Meares’ North Carolina shop, Furbish, is a weekly online visit for me. Just like the shop, her Instagram feed is full of color, pattern and clever ways to mix vintage pieces into a modern home.

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EddieRoss: Eddie Ross probably doesn’t need an introduction to the blogging community, but if you’re not familiar with his work and writing yet, his feed is a great place to start. Eddie is known for his way with vintage and antique pieces and his feed is full of the amazing pieces he finds at flea markets and shops around the country. If you love old homes like we do, this feed is for you.

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HaskellHarris: Haskell is the style director at Garden & Gun magazine, so she knows a thing or two about documenting the modern South. I love all the shots of magnolias, old homes and beautiful front porches.

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SibellaCourt: Sibella is one of the most talented – and well traveled – interior designers and stylists around. Her world traveler style is captured perfectly in her feed, which frequently showcases moody vignettes that combine found objects and interior accessories.

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KellyWearstler: Is it any wonder Kelly makes everyone’s “best of” lists? She has style for days and her feed is equal part inspiring design moments (like gorgeous sculptures and furniture) and funny moments from her life. I love the way she sees the world and how she manages to find color and pattern in everything.

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NickOlsenStyle: Nick is a young, exciting interior designer who loves to use color in a bold way. He’s a natural at spotting pattern and great color combinations in everyday life.

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IsabelLopezQuesada: Isabel López-Quesada is an interior designer based in Madrid who never disappoints when I’m looking for some pattern inspiration. Her travels inspire her work and she shows the little details that she experiences on trips, whether it’s a great tile or fabric.

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HomesteadSeattle: This Seattle shop works primarily with vintage goods and posts beautiful interiors that make vintage feel contemporary again.

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AshleyHicks1970: Interior Designer Ashley Hicks has a slightly more traditional style than mine, but the way he captures historic spaces, homes and architectural details has me hooked. His feed makes me feel like I’m back in Art History classes (in a good way!) identifying parts of columns, arches and doorways.

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grantkgibson: Grant is a San Francisco-based interior designer who uses his feed to showcase some truly beautiful photographs of interiors and architecture. What I love most about this feed is the way he gives you tiny peeks into the world of a designer. From color palettes and paint swatches to inspiration boards for homes, it’s like you get to be his assistant and watch all the choices come together.

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nickeykehoe: Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe run a design shop and studio in LA that is FULL of incredible design inspiration. I have a soft spot for the way they work with rugs and textiles, but if you’re into furniture, this is a great feed to follow, too. A lot of the things they post are actually for sale in their shop, so if you fall in love with something you see, you can give them a call to take it home.

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Hommemakerblog: Designer Orlando Soria has probably my favorite interior design Instagram feed of all time. He always posts the cutest room photos and is such a great example of how Instagram can be used to explain design ideas. I’ve learned so much about redecorating rooms and space-planning from his feed.

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Em_Henderson: Emily Henderson is an HGTV star, so she probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, but her feed is full of great color, bright paint swatches and lots of vintage accenting. I love the way she works with pink, too.

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AnthologyMag: Anthology Magazine is known for their great West Coast sense of style and their feed is packed with great shots of not just homes, but cool restaurants and coffee shops, too.

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ThePerishTrust: Not so much an interior design feed as an interior inspiration feed, this incredible shop in San Francisco makes me want EVERYTHING they post. Everything. Especially the ceramic bowls by Malinda Reich.


Thank you for these. I’m always looking for fun accounts to follow. Big fan of Sibella Court. I’m so glad you included her!


Any suggestion for Chicago interior designers to follow? I feel like Chicago is strangely absent from the designer blogosphere. Or really anywhere in the midwest…Indy or Grand Rapids anyone?


Thank you! I am new to IG and this was a great kick start to my feed. I can never get enough of beautiful interiors!

Irene Tzouvelekas

Love the lighting in blue kitchen by Julia Kleyman
want to know more about them.


I’m having some trouble with the Hommemakerblog link. Did they shut down or rename their Instagram acct?