Hollywood Hills by Print Club Boston

Sometimes a photo isn’t all it appears to be. Like the infamous close-up picture quizzes you would get in grade school (it’s a fly’s eye!), sometimes perspective and framing can make the subject of a photo appear completely different. The same concept inspired artist and Print Club Boston founder¬†Elizabeth Corkery when she was working during a residency in Belgium. Inspired by the work of photographer Luigi Ghirri, who explored the way photography could change the representation of environments, Elizabeth created a wonderfully bright and colorful series of photographs called Hollywood Hills. But what appear to be mountainous peaks are actually photos of snow mounds that built up during a winter in Boston. Elizabeth’s series is now being offered as a limited edition hand-screened print that you can find at PCB online. I love the way small hills of snow become such huge mountain ranges in each print; it’s a great reminder of just how powerful composition and cropping can be in artwork. xo, grace



Beautiful and interesting. I’d love to see more art posts here if you guys are ever leo inclined.


What a great idea. It certainly gets you thinking about how it’s all about perspective and finding the beauty in the every day. Great work!