DIY Bag Tag from Jourdan Fairchild

by Amy Azzarito

Last week, Jourdan Fairchild, author of the recently released e-book Fly DIY: Crafts for the Modern Traveler, shared with us a project for making DIY Mini Suitcases as a way to store and display the little treasures picked up while traveling. When prepping for a recent trip, Jourdan became annoyed by how frequently she was dipping into her travel budget before she even left. Because so much of what was on the market in the world of travel goods was either boring and masculine or girly and pricey, she decided to take matters into her own hands with some simple DIY projects. As a former crafts editor, Jourdan has some experience with rolling up her sleeves to make the things she covets. So she spent a few weeks making and remaking the easiest, cheapest, most enviable crafts to take on planes, trains and automobiles, and then compiled everything into her first e-book, Fly DIY: Crafts for the Modern Traveler – the 59-page book has 12 simple and affordable projects that will give you something to do while you’re waiting for your next flight out of town.  –Amy

Photography by Carolina Mariana

Image above: Fly DIY: Crafts for the Modern Traveler by Jourdan Fairchild is available for download right here.

See how to make the DIY Bag Tag after the jump!


Bag Tag, from Jourdan: “Once upon a time I spotted a fly swatter online. I thought to myself, “Hey, what can I do with that?” The next thing you know, I was turning it into a bag tag. It might seem crazy, but it totally works. Not only is it 100 percent durable, but this tag is completely original and bright enough to get your attention across the luggage carousel. Add that to the fact that it costs $1 and takes five minutes to make, and I call that a perfect DIY. Am I right?”

• Fly swatter
• Scissors
• Sharpie
• Leather strip
• Super glue

1. Pull swatter off handle; remove any stickers. Using strong scissors, cut ½ inch or so off of each side.

2. Write your name with a Sharpie along the center, solid section of the swatter.

3. Cut a piece of leather to create a loop. Apply super glue to one end of the leather strip.

4. Insert strip into luggage tag. Secure other side once tag is in place on the bag.

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