Best of Web + Special DS Sale At One King’s Lane!


It’s around this time of year, when we flip our calendars from July to August, that my friends and work colleagues begin to lament the end of summer. “Where did the season go?” they might ask, sighing heavily. I’m most definitely guilty of saying such things, too, but you guys—we need to calm down. Last I checked, the official end of summer is in late September, so you’ve still got a whole two months left to soak up the sun, get outdoors and take part in one of our all-time favorite summer activities: picnicking! And don’t worry—if you’re a bit late to the picnicking game this year and don’t have all the fixings for a great outdoor meal, we’ve got you covered. Today, Grace is sharing some of her favorite picks for picnicking in a special sale over at One King’s Lane! Check out the sale here, plus Grace’s exclusive travel guide for One King’s Lane here! Happy weekend (and happy picnicking), everybody! —Max



Below is a summary of this week’s highlights: