Behind Coral & Tusk’s Fall Collection

by Amy Azzarito

Stephanie Housley and her husband Chris Lacinak founded Coral & Tusk in 2007, and since then, they’ve cornered the market on all things animal, embroidered and enchanting. A RISD-trained textile designer, Stephanie starts her process by putting pencil to paper. Once she has a new little animal friend, scene or pattern in mind, the design gets translated into stitches. Everything is finished at the Coral & Tusk loft in Williamsburg. And just this week, they launched their new Fall 2014 line so we asked Stephanie to give us a little peek into her process and inspiration. –Amy

(Coral & Tusk hosted a fantastic pop-up shop this spring, our photos from the event here.)

Photography by Kate Lacey Photography


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  • Beautiful! I always love the the mix of botanicals and feathers, they are so closely tied in nature and that is often overlooked :) Lovely.

  • Love! I regularly drool over the Coral & Tusk products at my local Anthology in Saskatoon, SK, Canada!

  • These are gorgeous! So interesting learning about their inspirations and how they started with a few photos and objects and the process they went through to get to the final, beautiful result. Thanks for this!

  • i bought my boss (very well traveled, very particular tastes, very very hard to shop for) the wolf doll for christmas and turns out she’d been looking at the dolls trying to decide which one to buy herself. she didn’t believe me at first when i told her it was a random choice! love the work these guys do… also, my husband’s company was in that same building up until a few months ago – so many rad businesses under that roof (area ware, catbird, coral and tusk).

  • Not too long ago when I visited a Canadian home, I saw a hexagonal-shaped wooden board [Figure 1]. Due to my curiosity, I played it with my senior good friend who described the game rules and little bit of its background.