A Day In The Life of Mara Hoffman


We love ourselves a good print—the bigger and bolder, the better— and Mara Hoffman, the New York-based clothing and swimwear designer, is one of our favorite purveyors of all things printed and patterned. Raised in Buffalo, New York (holla!), Mara found her calling shortly after graduating from Parsons The New School for Design. In 2000, she launched a small collection of one-of-a-kind clothes called “Circle,” each ornamented and hand-dyed by Mara herself. Soon after, Circle became simply Mara Hoffman, and Mara’s brand expanded its reach with a new focus on prints. Decidedly global in aesthetic, Mara’s work spans continents and cultures, drawing inspiration both from nature and far-off locales; a proverbial melting pot filled with kaleidoscopic, unabashedly joyful color. Today, Mara works and lives in New York City, the perfect place to capture such a vibrant, diverse energy. Mara took some time away from the drawing table to share a peek into her everyday life and we couldn’t be more delighted! Check out all of her photos and comments after the jump! —Max


“Starting the day in the backyard, peaceful and barefoot, sets a great tone for my day. I love these stolen moments with nature and my majestic beast, Gypsy. “


“Today I’m lucky enough to spend some time enjoying the company of my favorite little dude, my son Joaquin, before heading into my showroom in the city.”


“Double-fisting coffee and green juice on a Monday sets me up for a productive morning. I usually stop by the coffee shop Gregory’s near my studio to power-up on my way in.” 


“Positive vibes in the office are a must for my team and me. I like to be in a state of YES as much of my day as I can be.” 


“An all-hands-on pow-wow keeps energy high and my close-knit team informed of all happenings.” 


“Rolls of fabric from our past and current collections line the walls in the studio. I try to live in a dream world of color always.”


“Inspiration and environment are both super crucial to my design process. I like to keep the office full of life, energy and an eclectic world-view.” 


“No space is off limits when it comes to seeking out creativity!”


“Kicking back at home after a solid day in the studio brings me full-circle. Sunshine and happiness abounds in my backyard hammock!” 


A tent in the office = great idea!! That office looks like it’s a joy to work in.


Thank you for this peek inside! Mara, your vision is so beautiful!!
That eye tepee looks like a magical little vortex of creativity and the rug…. and that hammock!! Swoon. x Kat


THAT HAMMOCK OMG. What a gorgeous studio, love this little glimpse. Her work is so incredibly fun but i love that it totally has an edge. good stuff!! thank you for sharing.


This is my favorite series, but I was hoping for a little more. The other day in a life’s have more details which make them more fun. I would love to learn more about Mara Hoffman’s inspirations, what her inspiration board looks like, how her life at home inspires her life at work, etc.

I do like the little work tent!


I agree with Nina. I love Mara’s prints but this “Day in the Life” was bland and non-committal in comparison to some others that have been featured here.

Do love the hammock tho!


thanks for sharing! lovely inspiring snippets, I especially love the “creativity tent” – and the YES – brilliant!

elena +deco

I didn’t know Mara Hoffman, thank you for sharing! I love her designs and prints, also for the house!,