10 Inexpensive DIYs for Summer Break

I get really frustrated when I find a great DIY project that I want to try, but discover that it comes with an incredibly high price point. For me, DIY is all about using what you have around the house and finding clever ways to turn inexpensive materials into something that looks fantastic. So if you’ve got some extra time on your hands this summer, these 10 projects will show you how to take things you have around you at home (like old sheets, towels and even fallen branches) and use them to create home decor that’s as beautiful as it is functional. No complicated instructions and no trips back to the ATM to get extra money for pricey materials. xo, grace

Image above: Copper Curtain Rod with Geometric Finials

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Hanging Notepad: A fallen branch or limb becomes a beautiful hanging notepad for your home or office in this quick (and inexpensive) DIY project.

Sunset Dyed Basket Liner and Pouch: This project uses inexpensive fabric and dye to create a basket liner that turns your everyday laundry hamper into a backyard picnic tote!

Simple Summer Hammock: Inexpensive towels are the base of this fun and easy summer hammock project.

All-in-One Picnic Kit: If you’ve got some extra fabric around your house, you’re one step away from making your own super affordable picnic kit!

Tiered Hanging Pots: If you love to garden but don’t have access to a yard and also have limited counter space, this project turns a thin sliver of vertical space into a fun hanging garden.

Starched Fabric Headboard: If a full, upholstered headboard isn’t in your current budget, this clever project shows you how to create a similar look using a single piece of starched fabric.

Hanging String Garden: Hanging gardens don’t have to use expensive pots and planters – with string and moss you can create your own kokedama (fully soak in water every other week to keep them hydrated).

Vintage Sheet Cocktail Napkins: If you love your favorite old sheets but they’re ready to move on to greener pastures, turn the remaining fabric into sweet napkins you can use for summer parties.

Leather and Wood Trivets: These trivets can double as wall art and use only a few inexpensive wooden dowels and pieces of leather tie to create something functional and beautiful.

Zandra Zuraw

These are great and I totally agree that DIY is about using your creativity rather than pocketbook! My favorites are the tiered hanging pots, the hammock and the napkins. We’ve done a few totally free DIY projects for creating souvenirs on summer vacation. You check out our post on using matches and maps here: http://littleyellowcouch.com/living-a-connected-life/2014/6/27/souveniers
And our post on using seashells as desk accessories here:


YES. Moving into a new rental home in Austin and I’m just getting getting the craft itch. The hammock and hanging notepad look fun!


That hanging string garden is cool! It would look great outside my boys’ room. Nice!

Amber Rhodes

Love the hanging notepad idea, what a fun thing to do. I have just the spot for that. Maybe it would help keep me slightly organised!


Those posts inspire me so much! Thise site is the main reason that DIY is an important part of my life. Thnak you!

Toni's Adventures

I want to try them all. Thank you for the inspiration! The first and last are certainly my favourites and the ones I’ll be trying first!

Mallory's Kitchen

Very cute! I LOVE the first idea with the scroll of paper. The entire setup in the photo is A+. I also really like the tiered plant hanger, I’ve made a few macrame plant hangers but will try and get my hands on a jigsaw to make one of these as well. Love how plants make living spaces super beautiful.

Jen Ruhman

These are all original and very creative DIYs The cocktail napkin sheets really add that touch of personalization! Great idea!