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10 Beautiful Flower Projects

by Grace Bonney

If there’s one thing I love about summer, it’s the incredible wealth of beautiful fresh flowers. From roadside wildflowers to huge sunflowers, this is the season when nature seems to offer up so much inspiration and color. One of my favorite pastimes is container gardening, so I love any DIY project that lets me bring gardening and flowers into the equation. So to celebrate the last days of summer, I rounded up 10 projects that use flowers and gardening as the focal point. Whether you’re looking to make plantable notes you can send to friends (that will grow flowers after they’ve read them) or gorgeous paper flower centerpieces, these are ideas for all of the flower-lovers out there. Here’s hoping fall brings just as many gorgeous flowers as this summer did. xo, grace

Image above: Giant paper flower DIY project by Ruche

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Flower Press: Few things are as beautiful as pressed flowers. You can use them for just about anything, from pressed flowers in frames to your own DIY iPhone cases.

Press Botanical Specimens: One great way to use pressed flowers and botanicals is to frame them and hang them at home. In this project, Amy Merrick walks you through the basics of getting your own backyard beauties pressed & framed.

Violet Ice Cubes: I love the idea of edible flowers, but don’t always know the best way to work them into food. So this easy floral ice cube project lets you turn violets into beautiful (and functional) drink decorations.

Ombre Plum Blossoms: This gorgeous paper flower project would make for beautiful wall art, wedding decor or a stunning centerpiece.

Recycled Fixture Planters: The Studio Choo girls used in expensive ceiling light fixtures from a hardware store to create their own DIY plant and flower planters.

Birch Bark Flower Basket: Flowers look beautiful on their own, but you can always dress them up a bit with a handmade basket or holder. This project shows you how to make a quick and easy bark holder for your favorite arrangement.

Spring Wreath: This floral wreath uses a base that you can easily re-use every season depending on what flowers you have near you.

Plantable Love Note with Flower Seeds: If you want to send someone flowers and a sweet note, this project shows you how to create paper embedded with seeds that can be planted after the note is read!

Paper Flower Centerpiece: Thuss & Farrell are my paper flower idols and this stunning centerpiece project is one of my favorites. Not only would it be perfect for any home event, it would also work as a more permanent wedding centerpiece if you prefer not to use real flowers.

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