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Three Months from House to Home

by Amy Azzarito

I am always impressed by anyone who lets a photographer into their home after less than a year of living in the space, so you can imagine my amazement when designer Lauren Kelp and her husband Griffin let us peek into their home after only three months in Phoenix. The couple moved to Phoenix from Austin so that Griffin could attend business school. They toured this apartment thirty minutes before their plane left to go back to Austin. But despite the time pressure, the second they opened the door and saw the natural light, Lauren knew she could turn the place into a home. Even though they are new to Phoenix, Griffin’s school gives them a built-in social network and Lauren has already played hostess to fifteen classmates from Griffin’s school. She made Ina Garten’s Spinach Puff Pastry, everyone brought a bottle of wine and they chatted until the early hours of the morning, sharing stories of their childhoods. It was the first real test of their new home and it passed with flying colors.  –Amy

Photography by Constance Higley of Half Orange Photography

Image above: “To me, bedrooms should be the least pretentious room in the house,” Lauren says. “This is the room where you come to relax, unwind and decompress, so it should be a serene, unfussy place. So, naturally, our (okay, MY) monster stuffed animals take prime spot on the bed.”


Image above: “I wanted to create a minimalistic feel in our living room and allow each piece to been seen. Our last house was packed full, which was fun, but it was time for a change. The console table is from HomeGoods, the blue chair is vintage, and the mirror is also from HomeGoods.”


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Image above: “I had been on the hunt for the perfect cowhide for almost a year when I found this gem in a market in Santa Fe. The pattern was very Rorschach and unusual, and I knew it was the one. Our sofa was a Craigslist purchase when we first got married, but the cushions couldn’t have been uglier – ha! The sofa itself is wonderfully comfortable, so I got some pack blankets and sewed slipcovers. It totally transformed the sofa and it has become one of my favorite pieces in the house.”


Image above: “When we first moved in, there was this incredibly long wall in our living room and we were stumped for weeks as to what to do with it. Furniture felt awkward and the art we tried to hang up got lost. I found this little shop that had an alter shelf and I was like “that’s it!” So I ran to Home Depot and made us a shelf. The DIY is here.”


Image above: “Thankfully, my husband and I have very similar taste in art. We like to fill our home with pieces that make us laugh, are slightly unusual, or are just plain weird – but in the best way. Griffin bought the larger piece in Austin from an artist named Jorge Borges and the smaller piece is by this wonderful Austrian artist, Sandra Reichl.”


Image above: “Some women have a shoe budget, I have a plant budget and I surpass it every month.”


Image above: “Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are insanely popular right now, and I love it. I advise every client to get one and I give them as house warming presents. I just love these little guys.”


Image above: “Working from home can be a blessing and a curse, but I am totally into it. Keeping a clean space and finding a stylish organization system have been my keys to success.”


Image above: “I love Pinterest as much as the next gal, but whenever I am planning a photo shoot or prepping for a client, I love to flip through an art book or two to get the creative juices flowing. There are few things as inspiring as Rothko’s color palette, or Frida’s composition, and if you haven’t flipped through Tom Scheerer’s latest book – you absolutely should. His designs are wonderfully inventive and classic.”


Image above: “When I was growing up, my sister and I used to play dress-up in my mother’s jewelry box – to be honest, we still do this every time we go home – and I was always so drawn to these big chunky pieces she had and I guess I never really got over it!”


Image above: “I was inspired by the simplicity of the desert when we were putting together our bedroom. We went with all white bedding from Nordstrom.”


Image above: “I have a thing against nightstands. I love them in theory, but I always overcrowd mine with books, magazines and a variety of other things that get lost in the abyss of the nightstand. So when I discovered that both of us had a trunk (that we used at sleepaway camp when we were little,) the trunk nightstand idea presented itself and we have never used anything else.”


Image above: “Some people are very anti-curtains, but I stand in the opposite camp. I love a long, white, flowing curtain. I saw a shower curtain made out of copper pipe and fell in love with the idea, so I adapted it for our curtain rods. DIY here.”


Image above: “I always try to hang up a corkboard and fill it with little knick knacks that inspire me. Once a month, I clean it off and start over. Amongst my favorites are a magnolia leaf place card with my name on it, a poem by G.K. Chesteron, and a children’s color wheel.”


Image above: “My parents brought my sister and I back these signs from a trip to San Miguel, Mexico when we were little and it has hung in every house I have lived in since. It means “you are my sunshine” and I think of them every time I see it.”


Image above: “This tapestry was given to me by my cousin and her husband after we announced we were moving to Arizona. It is a vintage tablecloth that breaks down the different towns into hilarious (and slightly scandalous) depictions.”

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