Soho House’s Eat, Drink, Nap

by Maxwell Tielman



Above: The House Deli at the Babington House.

The idea of private members-only clubs can be anathema to some, a seemingly outdated relic from the socially divided days of the nineteenth century. Still, from rural country clubs to elite urban gentleman’s clubs, the concept still persists and, perhaps because of its exclusivity, continues to hold its own kind of allure, romance and mystique. Founded in 1995 by the British restauranteur-cum-hotelier Nick Jones, London’s Soho House is both a complement and antidote to this bygone notion of luxury hospitality. Catering to a hand-picked group of members from the arts, fashion and media industries, Soho House is a decidedly current take on the members-only club, its combination of fine dining, leisure and lodging providing not just a beautiful retreat, but a potent atmosphere, complete with its own unique identity and narrative. Today, there are Soho House outposts around the world, from Berlin to Miami, each with their own individual aura and story to tell. Until now, the Soho House universe has been relegated largely to the elite; an aspirational fantasy-world referenced in episodes of Sex And The City and Gossip Girl. This September, however, Soho House will be releasing its first book—the aptly titled Eat, Drink, Napthat functions as both a window into the Soho House world and a guide for recreating it in your own home. A “lifestyle” tome through and through, this lavishly illustrated and surprisingly thorough volume shares recipes, cocktails, decorating secrets, and even music and movie recommendations from the fine-living experts at Soho House. The advice within its pages is as posh as it is practical, timeless tips for living the luxe life on any budget. Click here to pre-order Eat, Drink, Nap.

Check out more photos from the book, along with links to our local picks from Soho House locales after the jump! —Max


A bedroom at the Soho House New York.

sohohouse_eatdrinknap_4 sohohouse_eatdrinknap_5 sohohouse_eatdrinknap_6

The drawing room at the Soho House West Hollywood.


The restaurant at The Soho House Berlin. Check out our Berlin City Guide here!


The lounge in Toronto. Check out our Toronto city guide here!


The screening room at the West Hollywood Soho House. Check out our 24 Houses in Los Angeles guide here!


A room at the Soho House Miami. Check out our Miami city guide here!

sohohouse_new york

A dining area at the Soho House New York. Check out Grace’s guide to North Brooklyn here!


Above: A room at one of the Soho House hotels in London. Check out or London city guide here

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