Show Us Your #DSSummer

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As the internet continues to grow and evolve, it’s no secret that comments and conversation are being replaced with clicks, hashtags and posts without words. I had my moment of being upset about it, but when I discovered Instagram and truly embraced what that world had to offer, I found myself connecting with people and making new friends without needing a single word –¬†only a picture. While it might seem odd, I’ve been making new friendships and starting real conversations (offline) with people that seem to communicate who they are so effortlessly through photography. Whether that photo is about their family, pets, home or weeknight dinner, photos are able to tell such a great story if we let them. So for this month’s hashtag challenge I wanted to broaden the scope a bit to allow room for greater creativity and wider points of view. This month we’re celebrating SUMMER with the hashtag #DSSummer.

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I want to know what YOUR summer looks like. What does summer mean to you? Does it mean rows of popsicles cooling in the freezer? Slip n’ slides in the yard? Or does it mean redecorating your room while you’ve got some time off? Whatever summer means to YOU, upload a photo of that moment/person/place to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #DSSUMMER. We’ll choose our favorites and share them here on DS and on our official DS feeds. I can’t wait to see what summer means to all of you. I’m hoping for some great shots of pies fresh from the oven, beach views and maybe some summer road trips. Thanks again to everyone who has participated in these challenges, they’ve been one of the best parts of this year so far and have served as one of our team’s biggest sources of inspiration. xo, grace

*Image above: To me, summer means wide stripes on tabletops, fresh flowers and pools. That pool was the site of a wedding Julia officiated last month. What a dream view.


I hate the heat but love the sun…does that make sense?! A wonderful challenge


Oh that pool looks just about perfect right now. Summer is freckles and smoothies to me – and messy faces :)


I love these DS hashtag challenges. So fun to see what everyone posts AND it makes me look at my world differently. Summer is loads of wide grins, wet dogs after swimming, ice cream and salt air!

Heath Ashli

Flickr used to be like that, the connectivity & friendship you speak of, but it has shifted to Instagram now.