Sean Woolsey’s Haack Table


Because of the comparatively higher prices of good, handcrafted designer furniture pieces, there is a somewhat misguided belief that they should be treated almost like fragile pieces of artwork in a museum—admired from afar and rarely touched. This way of thinking, however, discounts the very reason for buying quality, well-constructed pieces to begin with: their durability. This disconnect between consumers and the perceived longevity of artisan furniture is something that designer Sean Woolsey seems keenly aware of, a notion that is addressed head-on in the photographic campaign for his newly released Haack Table. The table, constructed from premium black walnut and a solid steel base is indeed an investment piece, but one that is heirloom-quality, meant to sustain decades of earnest use. The photographs for the table, which depict it being subjected to a number of seemingly damaging activities, illustrate this sturdiness with humor and refreshing irreverence. Check out some photos from the Haack Table campaign and Sean’s design notes after the jump! —Max

haack_table_inspiration haack_table_challenges haack_prototypes_1 haack_table_cereal sean_woolsey_final_thoughts


Great Idea! Designer objects are often displayed in minimalistic surroundings and shown in perfect styled photography. People, especially those with children or pets, often think: ” yes this is beautiful but not for MY real life” :-)


Don’t mean to complain, but out of the 7 photos it looks like at least one of them could have shown the “laser engraved leather patch.” I was really curious about what that looked like. Looks like they had a lot of fun with the photo shoot!! :)


If you click on website link you can see the little patch. I was curious too!


I love this! What a novel idea to have a dining room that is both gorgeously designed, sturdy, and tough enough to really be lived in and lived ON. I’m sure those little Haacks gave that table a run for its money! Now I just need to convince my husband we need to buy one for ourselves.