Printable Freebie: Watercolor Luggage Tags


Summer travel season is in full swing and although getting out of the city and stretching your proverbial wings is great and all, the act of actually getting there can be a true pain in the neck—long lines, cramped seats, the TSA probing wayyyy further than necessary…. We here at Design*Sponge can’t prevent flight delays, crying babies in the fifteenth row, or misplaced luggage, but we can definitely help you (and your luggage) look stylish through it all! Print out these snazzy, colorful little bad boys and your luggage will look pretty and be clearly marked. Win-win! Happy and safe travels! —Max

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  • White 8.5×11 card stock
  • A printer with color ink
  • Laminating sheets (we used Avery brand)
  • A cutting mat
  • An X-Acto Knife
  • A ruler
  • A bone folder (not necessary, but helps a lot with folding neatly!)
  • Double-stick tape
  • A hole punch
  • Ribbon or some sort of durable fastener




1. Print your luggage tag onto white card stock. Fill out with your name, address, and other useful contact information.

2. Cut out tag with your X-Acto blade. Use a ruler for more precise cuts.

3. Using reverse side of your X-Acto blade, score the center of the tag along its longest side to facilitate folding. Fold the tag template lengthwise so that it resembles a stretched-out hexagon. Affix the folded sides together on the interior using double-stick tape.

4. Apply laminating sheets to your tag following the directions provided with them.

5. Carefully bend the tag template so the pointed tips are touching. Gently fold down the seam and followed by a hard swipe with your bone folder to strengthen the fold.

6. Punch a hole through the pointed portion of your luggage tag.

7. Secure to your luggage with a ribbon, string, zip-tie, or any other fastener! Done!



Cool idea! I love these. We’re going to Italy this fall, and I definitely could see putting these to good use. Thanks for sharing!


These are so cute! Im going to be traveling next week… Im totally going to try making some!

Amy C

They look gorgeous but the zip file doesn’t seem to be working – it’s not finding the compressed files for some reason!

Maxwell Tielman

Amy—that’s odd! I just tried to download the file and it worked for me. Could you tell me what browser you’re using?

Mary Jane

The zip file also didn’t work for me. I’m using Chrome…

Lynda Jorgensen Licastro

Worked beautiful for me on my mac with Firefox. Can’t wait to make them.


folder is empty when downloaded on PC also. zipped folder said password protected? Too bad.