Make Room For: Rizzo


Like many people my age, I grew up with a steady diet of Grease. (The movie, of course.) Throughout my childhood, that VHS tape was always on-hand and my cassette with the film’s soundtrack on continuous repeat. I mean—what is there not to love about that movie? As a kid, I always identified with Sandy—the timid transfer student who was never quite sure how to fit in with the tough cool kids. As I’ve gotten older, though, my allegiances have shifted toward the Pink Ladies—especially their loud, precocious, and deliciously outspoken pack leader, Rizzo. I’ll be real with you—when I was ten, Rizzo scared the living hell out of me. She was not the sort of gal I’d ever want to have a run-in with on a dark night and you just know she would not be afraid of putting you in your place. This, however, is what makes her so fabulous. She wasn’t afraid to kick butt, take names, and knew how to rock a hot pink varsity jacket like nobody else. So today, dear Rizzo, we honor you. We honor your brilliant style, your ability to cut through all the B.S, and your indefatigable joie de vivre. Below are 16 spaces and projects that we feel like Rizzo would love. Check them all out after the jump! —Max


A pink apartment for a Pink Lady, of course! (Click here to see the full house tour.)


Rizzo was never afraid to admit that she was a total superstar, so it’s only fitting that she would decorate her bedroom accordingly. Image via Retro Renovation.


We have a feeling that she would have a taste for naughty Russian literature. (Check out the full house tour here.)


…And 1960s cult classics. (Check out the full house tour here.)


“Peachy keen jelly bean!” Image via A Place for Us.


Girlfriend would totally have a rad art collection. (Check out the full house tour here.)


She would, of course, continue to nurture an interest in sassy hairstyles. (Check out the full house tour here.)


She would never be afraid of non-traditional living spaces. (Check out full-house tour here.)


…No matter how non-traditional. The weirder the better. (Check out full house tour here.)


Who’s afraid of bright pops of color? Not Rizzo—duh. Image via Retro Renovation.


She would know that there is a time and a place for crazy loud pattern and wouldn’t be afraid to use it. Image via Apartment Therapy


Photographs help to keep your friends close and your enemies closer—something that seems oh so Rizzo. (Check out the full house tour here.)


She would never underestimate the power of mixing high with low. (Check out the full home tour here.)


Something tells us that the Do-It-Yourself ethos would really appeal to Rizzo. Especially rad projects like these appliqué pillows. (Check out the full project here.)


She would definitely know the importance of a good home bar. (Check out the full project here.)


And she would never be afraid of staying true to her roots. Image via The Rockabilly Socialite.



Fun post–I think I’ll have to watch Grease this weekend! Hope you will do more of these.


Awesome! I love the movie, too. Lost the count how many times I’ve seen it. Thanks for the article. It brings me back to my memories of the summer of 1978.


Viva la Grease! LOVE LOVE that movie and I too had it on repeat as a kid growing up…I’ve come to identify in some way with almost every girl characters..bad ass Rizz, good girl gone bad Sandy, fashionable ride or die homegirl Frenchy…it would be awesome to do similar posts for each main chick character!


What a fun idea for a series! Love this post. I am not so Rizzo (she’s a bit scary) but I LOVE that pink wallpaper with stars.


This article just made me realize I am an updated Rizzo at heart. Thank you. I would have never known otherwise.

Belinda Norrington

Probably seen this film more than any other – had huge impact on me although loads of it went over my head when i first saw it at about 10 years old, but I sort of grew up with it as the film background of my early teens. What I loved, and still love, about The Pink Ladies is that they are all totally different but totally accept that about eachother – and Stockard Channing was the stand out brilliant actor in that movie. There is something so sad in her Rizzo character despite seeming so strong?


I love this post – thank you!!! There’s a Grease sing-a-long in Cary, NC next month. Anyone wanna go?