Dream Trip: Morocco


I satisfy my own personal wanderlust by staring at images from Harper Poe’s Instagram feed, which is filled with photos from her adventures in Guatemala, Peru, Niger and of course, Morocco. Harper didn’t grow up traveling, but while in college she spent a semester abroad in Spain and realized that she wanted to connect with people all over the world. That was the moment the travel bug bit. After three years of not leaving the country, she took a trip to Chile and realized that she had to incorporate travel into her work life. Inspired by the indigenous materials in Chile, Harper came home, put her head down and got to work creating Proud Mary, a company that combines a modern design aesthetic with traditional means of production. Harper started in Guatemala and has expanded to Mali, West Africa, Guatemala, Morocco, Peru, and Niger. She usually travels alone but then has a team of people she works with in each country so that she balances time alone with being social and working. Here’s a little peek from her recent trip to Morocco.    -Amy

(P.S. To see more of what Harper finds on her adventures, check out our tour of her Charleston home)


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Jenna Pizzigati-Coppola

What a great life… infused with travel and the ability to see the world!! Now that’s my kind of career.

Kudos on making it work into your life,


There’s something for everyone in Morocco! A dream trip indeed. If I had a teleportation device, Morocco would be on its speed dial. And kuddos to Harper Poe for doing such a great job of celebrating and making accessible the traditional arts of these places!


I wish there where more photos of the market place. I’ve always been curious what the mark up is in the states for textiles/rugs from Morocco.


Agreed about the textiles- that’s what I’d bring home if I went on a trip to Morocco!!


What fun, to go experience Morocco! I’ve always wanted to go. I would have loved to see more pictures of the marketplace as well.

kelly rae

Morocco is definitely on my list now that we moved to the UK. I want to check out all the shoes and ride a camel haha :)


HI Dear
Thanks For psoting a great pic of our contry alwys we well be gald to have you back to your second home

Greating From Desert Of Morocco


One of my dreams too! I can just imagine all of the pretty mosaics in the architecture, and the rich texture in their textiles. Would be so inspiring.


How does one bring back textile from Morocco? Hand carry? Are local couriers trust-worthy? Heading there for New Year’s this year and would love to bring back some rugs and textile too.