10 Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the internet, it’s that every new platform provides a brand new chance to discover amazing artists. These days Instagram seems to be an endless well of ideas and inspiration, ranging from incredible photographers and florists to artists and makers. As much as I love searching for great accounts based on a single theme like chefs or illustrators, I love discovering people whose talent crosses a wide range of materials and niches. So today I wanted to share 10 accounts that I love for their creativity. Whether they’re turning fallen petals and leaves into intricate patterns or experimenting with droplets of watercolor paint, these people find a way to turn a tiny square photo frame into a world of possibility. I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as they’ve been for me. xo, grace

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Able Ground: Vanessa Knight’s Instagram feed is full of beautiful crystals, rocks, stones and a few great pet photos thrown in for good measure. I find her crystal and mineral photos to be great inspiration for color palettes.

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Sheila Gim: Sheila’s feed is full of the sort of “natural pattern” photos that the internet loves right now. She takes berries, leaves and other found objects and photographs them from above so they resemble an intricate (natural) wallpaper pattern. She also takes stunning photos of objects like matches and flowers. This is a great feed if you love COLOR.

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Laura Ruth: Laura Ruth gets me every time with her beautiful watercolor and paint splatters. She experiments with art materials in a way that makes me feel like I’m discovering paint again for the first time.

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Lily Stockman: Lily Stockman is the designer behind Block Shop Textiles and her beautiful travel and pattern photographs capture pattern in a way that feels fresh and exciting. I like when she gives behind the scenes peeks at how patterns come together in textiles- it feels like a quick and simple education in the art of pattern.

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Lorena at Gemagenta: Lorena is a jeweler and world traveler who snaps the BEST photos of beautiful locations around the world. To me, the best part of her feed is the way she photographs buildings to highlight their inherent geometric or patterned qualities. Each photo is a total wonder- and great inspiration for color palettes.

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Lucy and Lily of Peaches & Keen: This feed is run by an artistic duo that combine natural objects and shiny craft materials to make incredible patterns. They often sell their photos as prints, so if you fall in love with one of their designs, you might be able to bring it home as a photo.

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Leela Cyd: Leela is a photographer by trade, but she lets her styling ability shine on her Instagram feed, where patterns made from vegetables come to life.

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Julie’s Kitchen: Julie Lee uses only her iPhone to take incredible shots that turn fresh produce into stunning works of art. If you need color, pattern or texture inspiration, these is the place to go.

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Jersey Ice Cream Co: These designers are no secret to DS readers (we’ve featured them several times) but their feed is a daily reminder of how talented they are. From color inspiration to great vintage finds, this feed is FULL of creative ways to make design feel like a great and colorful experiment.

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Sam Kalda: Sam Kalda is a talented illustrator who demonstrates his talent with pattern design on a regular basis. I love getting peeks at Sam’s artistic process and seeing how his daily travels and adventures inspire beautiful artwork and hand-drawn patterns.


These are beautiful. I’ve become a huge fan of this instagram account. The aesthetic is modern yet old-world. I love it nevertheless. The owner is Jordan Carlson, who is known for her beautiful spaces. (She won Apartment Therapy’s “small cool” context a few years back.”


Nicole: three by sea

So many great new accounts to follow! I’m trying to see more of Laura Ruth’s account, but the link isn’t working.

Kathy S.

Yeah, I pretty much just followed ALL of these people! Thank you so much for passing these along!


I feel like that Leela Cyd blue+veggie shot should be a print on my wall!


Needless to say I just followed all of these. Awesome suggestions!

I have also been on the lookout for some beautiful country/farm life Instagram accounts. Any suggestions?


Iris, I’m gonna start a print shop! this little green/veggie shot will be in there for sure.


i love this about instagram too, though it took me a little while to cotton on:) thank you for sharing these creative peeps. and i’d love to give a shout to skinnylaminx aka Heather Moore who says “I design everything at Skinny laMinx, & take snaps of things along the way. In Cape Town, South Africa” her eye is fabulous and inspiring!


Thanks for the recos, Grace! Instagram is my jam & I’m always looking for new creatives to follow.

Paper Doll Interior

Great post! It’s a good idea to always be on the lookout for design inspiration, and Instagram makes it easy. Looking forward to checking these out!