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A Day In The Life of Chelsea Fuss

by Grace Bonney

chelsea fuss
One of the most difficult things to do as a business owner or creative is give yourself some time off to be inspired. We all know it’s important, but actually penciling in those days to unplug and get away can be a challenge. So one of my goals with our “Day In The Life” column was to show a wide range of business owners and makers in a wide range of phases of their life and businesses. One of my favorite things to see are business owners who’ve found a way to combine an inspiration trip with work and today’s subject has done just that. Portland-based floral designer, blogger and stylist, Chelsea Fuss, knew she wanted to spend some time outside of Oregon this year, so she decided to spend her summer working on a farm in France where she’s not only learning and helping out the farm host, but getting to find inspiration in the beautiful land around her. She’s swapped her normal day-to-day schedule for a new schedule that involves tending to animals, weeding gardens and cooking meals with products made by local farms. It sounds like heaven, but it’s work, too- and valuable inspiration. Not only with Chelsea get a wide range of skills to bring home from Brittany, but she’ll also go back with a summer’s worth of inspiration from a place so different than her Oregon home base. I’m so excited to see what her summer “Day In The Life” is like and I hope you’ll find her work trip as inspiring as I did. This got me thinking about all sorts of projects I could try next year to get me out into nature but not totally leave work and learning behind. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us, Chelsea.

Photo above by Leela Cyd


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“I wake up around 8:00 and head straight out to feed the animals (chickens, rabbits, donkeys, sheep) and walk the dog.”

“9:00: I come back in and eat breakfast with my host. We eat homemade bread and jam, fruit, yogurt, and tea.”

“10:00-1:00: I usually spend 3-4 hours in the garden after lunch. Today I am weeding the vegetable garden.”

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“1:00-2:00 I harvest spinach with my host and we pack it for freezing.”

“We (myself, other farm worker and host) break for lunch around 2 and eat salads and eggs, then a course of cheese, then some cake and tea.”

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“3:00: After lunch I always try to concentrate on my work as a blogger, prop stylist, and floral design instructor. I often make flower arrangements and photograph them for Frolic! I’ve been eyeing all the pink in the garden so I make this girly pink arrangement with roses, poppies, and dill, photograph, and upload it to the blog straight away.”

“5:00: I head into the village and do some errands and pick up a few groceries. Then come back home and delve into more emails.”

“8:00 Dinner time! My fellow farm worker and I make a meal of potatoes, green beans, eggs, and salad all from the garden! She teaches me how to make a yogurt dressing for a cucumber salad she makes back home in Germany.”

“11:00 I take the dog for a walk through the gorgeous countryside surrounding us, put the chickens to bed, check on the bunnies, and then do a little more laptop work before I head to bed!”

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  • How inspiring! As a writer, I feel so lucky to have a job that is portable … but how often do you hear of people actually *doing* something about it to take advantage of that fact? I loved seeing Chelsea’s day-in-the-life so much I am printing a few of these images and tacking them up above my desk for inspiration. Maybe one of these days I will pack up the hubby and kid and hit the road for a while…

  • How inspiring! Taking yourself out of your usual routine is so refreshing. What a fun idea to do it at a farm in France!

  • Le Coglais, near to my home, such a beautiful area! I also eat this red butter and Malo yoghourts!! Locally produced, there are fresh and natural, luckilyyou find them in every supermarkets here in Brittany :)

  • Thank you so much for the write up, Grace! Thanks for the sweet comments everyone. Karine, that butter is delicious! I am smitten. I adore your Brittany:)

  • What a delight! A Design Sponge and Frolic sandwich! Chelsea, France suits you so well!

  • Awesome, Chelsea! Sounds like so much fun, can’t wait to see how inspired you are when you come home. I’m dying over that greenhouse. I noticed all veggie food, too! Nice to know I could have plenty to eat in the French countryside if I ever find myself there :)

  • sounds idealic…Id love to do something like this – take time out to live and work somewhere very different to my routine – although it would take me some time to adjust and working on the land is hard work Im sure but good for Chelsea for taking this leap!

  • I love the way you spent your day <3
    would it be possible to name that farm you went to? any contact info? it would be a great experience for next summer.