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An Arizona Remodel for a Family of Four

by Amy Azzarito

It took six months of house hunting before Kellan and Natalie Brady found this 1979 home in need of A LOT of work. But what it did have going for it was the home’s location in Mesa, Arizona, just a few miles away from the couple’s parents, so they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Luckily, Kellan, his father and Natalie’s father all work in construction and were able to see past the dated designed choices – like the parquet flooring in the family room and walls that chopped up the space and cut off the flow of people and light. But the biggest challenge in the remodel was that Natalie went into labor at 32 weeks and had to be hospitalized for two weeks. But she and baby Truman came home safe and sound to a house that feels brighter and more open, while still maintaining that Southwestern style that the family loves. –Amy

Image above: “One of the many reasons I love the dining area is because Kellan and I spent hours and hours building our sputnik chandelier months before we even found our home. Little did we know, our future home had the perfect place for it with ‘the octagon’ in the ceiling. Most of our friends have a more traditional style so they think our sputnik is “strange” to say the least, but we are so proud of our hard work and very pleased with how it turned out.”

Image above: “We were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple so I wanted a large poster of it at the entrance to our home. I eventually fell in love with this vintage photo of the temple I saw on Little Green Notebook. One of the first things we bought for our new home was the sofa. Our house was almost empty and I had just had our second son. When I was released from the hospital, we drove to the store to look at the sofa in person and they happened to be having a huge sale. We spontaneously bought it and I have been incredibly happy with the quality. The leather truly is buttery soft.”


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Image above: There used to be a large arched dividing wall between the living area and the formal dining area, as well as a stucco planter on the right, as you walk in the front door. That was one of the first things Kellan took his sledge hammer to! I love that there is so much natural light in our home, especially in this room because of the three floor to ceiling windows. With the ceilings being only 8ft tall, we took the dividing wall down to create a larger space. Kellan and my father laid all of the laminate wood flooring throughout the house to again create the feel of larger spaces, when before there was several different flooring patches that broke up the space. I underestimated how needed smooth wall texture was when we were deciding our budget for the remodel. I was leaning against it because of cost, but now it is one of the things I’m most grateful we did. It really completes the clean open feel we wanted to achieve.


Image above: The Chelsea Southwest rug steals the show in our family room. It was what we chose to design the room around. We wanted a sectional so that we could be able to have a good amount of seating for family and friends. The art on the wall is pages of a vintage southwest sketch/painting book I got at a swap meet for $4. Some of the sketches are of the skeletal structure of horses and cattle- they’re awesome!

Image above: “I wanted the family room to feel relaxing and comfortable. The mid century recliner is Kellan’s ‘man chair’ that we got upholstered in camel leather, instead of its previous weathered and torn orange vinyl. The mid century credenza is part of a 5 piece bedroom set that is in a guest bedroom. The bull horns are special to me because they were a surprise 25th birthday present from Kellan.”

Image above: “Dean’s bunk beds were a real labor of love. I had come up with the idea of converting that space into bunks and luckily it was the perfect measurements for twin beds. Kellan and I spent a weekend designing and building the bunks together. To finish it off, my dad and Kellan welded a gas pipe ladder and railing. I made some quilts to lay on the foot of the bed out of a retro looking pattern that I loved. Then topped the beds with striped kilim pillows.
Image above: “Dean’s dresser is mid century Broyhill Saga. I appreciate that it complements the modern geometric rug, lamp and frames. I always try to balance my love for mid century pieces with new modern pieces so that my house doesn’t just feel ‘old’.”

Image above: “Dean is a really special guy. He was born severely premature at 26 weeks, weighing only 2lbs 1oz. I will always hold those tiny, tiny footprints dear to my heart! Because of his premature arrival, everyone had a special place for him. There are several really neat family treasures on Dean’s shelves. My Nana and Papa Nance were antique collectors and instilled a love for antiques in me as well. On special occasions, they would sometimes pass down an antique to my children. Some of them on the shelves are the coin bank globes and cast iron Lindy plane and cars. We named our son after my grandfather Dean. He was a tail gunner in WWII and has loved flying and anything to do with planes. When he was close to the end of life, he hand carved the balsa wood plane on the top shelf for Dean’s 2nd birthday present. The antique catcher’s mitt was also a gift from Kellan’s grandfather Pat Brady, who also played for the Pittsburg Steelers.”

Image above: A few months before I was due, I made Truman’s quilt to hang on the side of his crib. The pattern on it is little cowboys, Native Americans, buffalo, and tee pees. I love that it became the base for the design of his room. I ordered the Arizona travel poster, found the vintage paint-by-numbers of colts at an antique shop, and made the mobile out of copper wire and puffs.


Image above: “These tiny horns might be my favorite things in our whole house.”

Image above: “In the master bedroom, we wanted a clean, comfortable feel. We painted the headboard wall charcoal on a whim one Friday night and I love the way it turned out. I made the traditional flying geese quilt on the foot of the bed to contrast the white, modern bedspread.”

Image above: “We are constantly doing projects around our house but haven’t yet conquered the bathroom remodels. I love the changes we have made so far though. Kellan and I made the raw brass pendant light for the shower area and it has a matching two-bulb version which is in the sink area.”



Formal Dining
Paint- Custom “Halm White” Sherwin Williams
Sputnik Chandelier- Our Desert Goods shop
Plant pots- Ross
Floating shelves- Ikea
Curtains- Ikea
Framed Mirror- thrift
Table- handmade on Craigslist
Chairs- Craigslist
Rug- Antique store

Living Room
Paint- Custom “Halm White” Sherwin Williams
Sofa- Oasis Darrin from JCPenney
Temple photo- LittleGreenNotebook blog
Temple photo frame- Ikea
Lumbar pillow on sofa- Target
Tan chairs- Target
Frank Reenskaug rocking chair- consignment shop
Sheepskin on sofa- Ikea
Tree trunk basket- TJ Maxx homegoods
Lucite coffee table- Craigslist
Ottoman- Target
Floor lamp- Down East Home
Quilt- Desert Goods

Dean’s Room
Paint- Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments
Wall lamps- Ikea
Rug- HomeGoods
Quilts- Desert Goods
White bedding- Ikea
Kilim pillows- Rugandrelic.com
Pouf- Target
Lamp- Homegoods
Broyhill Saga Dresser- Craigslist
Aircraft poster- Cafepress.com
Frames- Ikea Ribba
Shelves- Ikea

Favorite Thing Photo
Bench- homemade, alligator juniper slab and mid century metal legs

Truman’s Room
Paint- Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments
Crib- BabyMod
Quilt- Desert Goods
Sheepskin Rug- Ikea
Mobile- homemade
Paint-by-number frames- Ikea
Colt paint-by-numbers- antique store
Arizona poster- ebay
Dresser- Craigslist
Italian mid century lounge- Craigslist
Horns- antique store
Lamp- thrift
Chocolate bear- vintage
Pillow- antique store

Guest Bathroom
Paint- Custom “Halm White” Sherwin Williams
Brass Pendant light- Desert Goods https://www.etsy.com/shop/DesertGoods
Towels- Pendleton
Desert paintings- thrift

Master Bedroom
Paint- Custom “Halm White” Sherwin Williams
Charcoal paint- “Catch of the Day” Valspar
Bed- West Elm Mid Century
White Bedding- Homegoods
Kilim Pillow- antique store
Lamps- Homegoods
Agate bookends- Homegoods
Quilt- Desert Goods
Desert Painting- antique store
White dressers- Ikea
Lounge chair- thrift
Emerald Dresser- Craigslist
Shelves- Ikea
Sheepskin- Australia
Arizona wood cutout and frame- Gentreeddesign.etsy.com

Family Room
Paint- Custom “Halm White” Sherwin WilliamsRug- Chelsea Southwest on Overstock
Reclining Lounge- Auction
3-Leg side table- Ross
Fiddle leaf fig tree- Home Depot
Marble Christus statue- Deseret Book
Credenza- Craigslist
Sectional- Ikea
Coffee Table- Ikea
Kilim pillows- rugandrelic.com
Brass Arc lamp- estate sale
Southwest print frames- Walmart
Firewood basket- Target
Hexagon mirror- antique store
4-leg side table- homemade
Hairpin leg bench- homemade
France and Daverkosen rocker- Craigslist
Quilted Pillow- Desert Goods
Cowhide pillow- thrift

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  • I love the geometric patterns throughout the house! Those colorful hard lines mixed with the graceful soft beauty of the natural woods and leathers are just amazing!

  • I have been looking for a leather sofa pretty much exactly like the one in this story. I need some tips… please? The gold chairs at the dining table are just winners. I didn’t know I needed any until now!

  • GORGEOUS! would love a before…. ummm parquet is dated?? we have solid wood teak parquet also vintage 1979 and cannot imagine trading it for laminate!!
    The wood floor guy who refinished it ( and the others who bid on it) would have taken it home with them if they could……

  • Beautiful job of melding MCM and southwestern styles, using strong graphic patterns to bridge the styles. Love the Sputnik chandelier, too.

  • Ditto the others– Would love to know the makers of the dining room chairs and the couch.

  • I second or third that, Sputnik DIY tutorial please :) Lovely home, very homey and sweet indeed.

  • Love the sputnik chandelier! A tutorial would be wonderful. The entire house is wonderful!

  • Having grown up in Mesa and finally settled in South Scottsdale, this post warms my heart! What a happy little family in a perfectly (un-obnoxious) Southwest-inspired home! And I especially love all the vintage prints throughout. I would love to know your favorite antique / home decor stores!

  • This home creates an ambiance that welcomes family and friends. We will often choose to have a family get togethers at Kellan and Natalie’s home. They have a wonderful pool and backyard that also has their unique creativity to it.

  • Amazing home…Your boys are beautiful, your house is inspired.. would love to know more about those bunks…

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Is there any chance I could get a close up pic of the painting above your bed? It looks like one that hung in my grandmas house for year (my Mom’s piano teacher painted it). It would make the family SO happy to know that the painting is still being proudly displayed.

  • Thank you so much for all the positive comments! I still don’t feel worthy to be featured here!
    The dining chairs are mid century Cidue, made in Italy.
    The dining table was found on Craigslist. A man and his father make them in their spare time.
    The leather sofa is the Oasis Darrin from JCPenney.
    The family room rug is the Chelsea Southwest from overstock.

    Again thank you all so much!

  • I completely agree with Barbra. While I love all the other elements of the house I do think there is more durability and versatility from a wood floor even if it is parquet. As always its a matter of preference I suppose. Beautiful job!

  • Everything is gorgeous…but especially the quilts! My head is all full of the quilts! Lovely lovely.

  • Derek- the painting is signed E. Pfeifer, does that sound familiar?
    Barbra and Sara- Barbra your flooring sounds beautiful! I’m a sucker for teak. In our personal situation the parquet was not good, and there were areas like a large fireplace hearth and flower planter that needed to be removed and that would have left awkward cutouts. Working on a tight budget, we went with a good quality laminate throughout and have been extremely satisfied with the durability with our children. It’s amazingly simple to keep clean and the texture, pattern, and lighter tone hide dirt and dust great!

  • such a great mix of old and new. and, i love the way warm and cool colors play together in these spaces. and, i just adore all her handmade touches…those quilts are the perfect combo of handcrafted and modern. beautiful home.

  • I love your space. It has a charming homey feel to it. Clean and well put-together, anyone who sees it would be able to enjoy the design. The leather and wood combination mixed with all those metal pieces really made the space more interesting too. And those bullhorns…I don’t even know how to describe how they just fit in.

    I don’t see this kind of interior design here around Downtown Charleston, so I really enjoyed looking at the photos in this post. I like how you made use of patterns to accentuate everything too. You and your family really did a great job of remodeling your home. Goodluck on your next project!

  • If anyone interested in the dining chairs lives in Atlanta I saw a set at Highland Row Antiques a week or 2 ago.

  • Natalie, what a beautiful home. If I could ever leave the cold winters of Toronto, Canada and live in AZ, this would be EXACTLY where I could picture us living. Such a fun, warm and stylish home. Do you have any digital plans for sale or DIY for the bunk beds? Would love to know more…

  • Your house is AMAZING! Love all the mid century touches! and a nod to the PittsburgH Steelers is awesome as well!

  • Do you have the plans available for the bunk beds? This is perfect for our kids room. Thank you!! =}}}

  • The bunk beds have such clean lines. I really like them. And I love the quilt made for the master bedroom.

  • i love your house design!! Thank you for sharing!! We are going to build in bunk beds for my son and I was wondering if you would be willing to share your design for your sons?

    Thank you!

  • I gasped when I saw your gorgeous home because we have the same beautiful leather couch! I would love to know where those gorgeous mid century metal legs came from in your favorite things photo? They are simply amazing. You have impeccable taste.

  • I’m looking into the Darrin leather sofa, and was wondering how it’s held up for you until now? Some reviews said that the cushions started sagging after about a year. Is that true?

    Thanks for your help! About the pull the trigger on it but I don’t know how it’ll last!

  • Love, love, love those bunkbeds! We have the same type nook that is perfect for twin extra long bunkbeds! Would you be willing to share with me, or even sell to me, your design plans for those bunkbeds?!

  • I really like Dean’s bunk beds. I’d like to make the same in my son’s room. Is it possible to know how you made it (wall fixation, type of bedspring…). Do you have a manual ?
    PS: I’m french so excuse my english language