Aimee Wilder’s Bungalow Wallpaper Collection

Over the past several months, we’ve witnessed what appears to be a huge shift in terms of decorative motifs in the design community. Many designers, possibly weary of the abstract and Western-centric motifs that have dominated imagery and ornament in design for the past several years, are instead turning their heads to a different source of inspiration: the tropics. Tropical colors, fruits, and plants have become all the rage, motifs that speak to a warmer, more earnestly jubilant sensibility. Aimee Wilder‘s stunning new Bungalow collection of wallpapers, inspired by a recent trip to Indonesia, expounds upon this aesthetic shift beautifully; the prints are lush with dazzling color and brilliantly, unabashedly joyful in their design. We can’t get enough! Check out more photos of Aimee’s wonderful collection, plus her design notes after the jump! —Max

wallpaper_pina_azul_1024x1024 bungalow_paper_form_2 wallpaper_pina_daiquiri_1024x1024 bungalow_paper_form_3 wallpaper_swell_lima_1024x1024 wallpaper_wildflower_calypso_1024x1024 bungalow_paper_form_4


These are fresh and beautiful. Who wouldn’t be happy with a wall of those pineapples or waves?

Kelsey (Directional Design)

I really love these wallpapers, they’re colourful and refreshing. I usually tend towards neutrals but all these beautiful patterns that are coming out are making me start to sway towards this style. I’d like to think I’d have the guts to put something this bold on my walls!


Those are so colourful and beautiful! I’d love to design my own wallpaper one day!