A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life of BKB Ceramics

by Grace Bonney

Of all of the ceramicists I follow on Instagram (and I follow a lot) Brian Bosworth of BKB Ceramics is one of my all-time favorites. Not only is his work beautiful, but it highlights the aspect of ceramics I love most: texture. His simple organic forms are often decorated with geometric patterns, in both colorful and neutral glazes. My personal favorites are his designs that resemble thick pieces of cut felt (at least that’s what they remind me of)- they have the sort of uncomplicated form I love, but with enough texture and interest to make truly special and strong enough to stand alone without a plant to showcase. I always love getting to look inside the day to day life of any maker that focuses so much on hand-crafted work, so it was especially exciting to hear from Brian and see what an average day in his Joshua Tree, California studio is like. What struck me most about his day was how much time he spends with his beautiful family and how often they get outside to find inspiration in nature. It’s my ultimate goal in life to have a balance of indoors/outdoors like that and it is so much fun to see what this west coast version is like. Thanks, Brian! xo, grace

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photo 6

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“Starting the day with a cup of coffee.”

“Morning view of Coyote Hole from back patio.”

photo 3
“Taking care of business.”

photo 4
“Egg collection from backyard chickens.”

“Fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast!”

photo 6
“Painting spectrum planter.”

photo 7
“Greenware orders ready for bisque.”

photo 8
“New lamp bases awaiting wiring.”

photo 9
“On the wheel.”

“Jamie at the shop.”

photo 11
“Inside bkb ceramics.”

photo 13
“Dinner at home- carnitas with peach and nectarine salsa with cabbage and kale slaw.”

photo 14
“Our sons, Aidan and Nathan enjoying carnitas on back patio.”

“Agnes (aka “Pup”) ready for a hike!”

photo 16
“Sunset hike in Coyote Hole behind our house with family friend.”

photo 17
“So honored to have these amazing Native American petroglyphs to see on our nightly hikes!”

photo 18
“Messing around with the kids.”

“Flo is ready for bed!”

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  • Great post! I wish I lived on the West coast and could visit his shop. The geometric planter with the cactus in it is my absolute favorite…the base almost resembles spalted wood. Beautiful!

  • What a great peek into the life of Brian and family…not only do we get to see his amazing work, but a real glimpse into the everyday happenings including food, friends and fun!

  • This story really resonates with me for so many reasons. What a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing with us, Brian.

  • I’ve seen some of their pieces at High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree. Really beautiful!

  • I too love it all. I dont really relate to the desert – never did – BUT I just flew from Texas to O.C. airport and saw DESERT for over two house on the plain. Amazing – no roads – nothing Green – NOTHING – probably snakes and coyotes, etc. BEAUTIFUL, but not my style. ;-) Elyse

  • Making ceramics is definitely a work of art, I can say that he’s really good at that, those pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing.. Now I’m starving.. :)

  • Wow–you’ve found balance and love in all dimensions of your lives. Thank you for sharing it with us. I really like the neutral planters in a couple pictures there. Best to you and your business.

  • Wow, I happened to have visited this shop a year or so ago as I was next door checking out High Desert Test sites’ HQ. BKB has beautiful ceramics. I bought a lovely since I was on a road trip and didn’t want to carry a vase. Very nice family running the shop.

  • I received a beautiful piece for a present from Coral and now it sits proudly on my desk at school for me to view everyday I’m working. It has a way of making me stop and see life for its simplicity and beauty as is mimicked in its simplistic geometric design and brilliant desert colors. Thanks for sharing a day in your life. And yes the food looks absolutely delicious.