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20 Crazy Before & Afters To Make Your Jaw Drop

by Maxwell Tielman


There is a serious disconnect sometimes between what I want to do on a Saturday evening and what I’m actually doing on a Saturday evening. I might talk a big talk about going out to experience “culture,” grabbing a delicious bite at a new restaurant, or going out to dance, but—let’s be real—Saturday evenings in the summer usually find me holed up in bed, a bowl of lucky charms in tow, and a marathon of some home renovation show queued up on the DVR. And you know what— I LOVE IT. There’s something so primordially satisfying about watching something become transformed that, before you know it, ten episodes of Rehab Addict have gone by and I’m still ready for more. If you get your kicks looking at Before & Afters like I do, we have a treat for you today—20 of our biggest, baddest, crazy transformative Before & Afters from the Design*Sponge archives. So sit back, relax, grab yourself a shamelessly big glass of wine, and indulge in some good ‘ol B&As. We’ve got you covered. Check out all 20 after the jump! —Max

Click each before photo to see the final results!




blake_ba_2 4percy designsponge-ba-9-13-kristine-before designsponge-ba-9-19-april-before designsponge-ba-10-25-12-lora-before designsponge-ba-10-25-angela-before designsponge-ba-11-1-jayme-before-1 designsponge-ba-11-1-kara-before designsponge-ba-12-6-zoe-before5 ds_ba_8_16_kate_before hills_makeover_before5 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA nauticalba_2 philshakespeare_ba_3

teddy_ba_2 sarahbrown_ba_1 ds_8_2_ba_ida_before

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  • Susan Brinson,

    It sounds like you and I are living the same life right now! We have been scraping plaster walls, spackling, sanding, and caulking for 2 weeks straight. The worst part is that it’s a farmhouse built in 1850 and has no air conditioning…I’m talking 95 degrees and PA humidity. I have never been so looking forward to painting in my life. You are not alone! We can do it!

  • So much inspiration! These are definitely great motivation to keep going with those big home renovation projects.
    The link for the fourth photo from the bottom (the one with the waterskis in the white attic room) is missing. I have an attic room, so I’d love to check out that transformation.

  • Just as a heads up to the site designers, structuring a post this way is crazy annoying — requiring opening each photo separately to see the before and after? It would really be nice if you could have the main B&A photos side by side, and then we could click on them to link to the original story for more details.

  • Love that you gave a shout-out to Rehab Addict! It’s my favorite show, and Nicole Curtis is such an inspiration, too.

  • They are all good examples of what time, work, money, and imagination can do. But ‘jaw-dropping’? That’s right up there with ‘stunning’ — that tired and tattered piece of hyperbole straight out of real estate ads and Apartment Therapy. Design Sponge is a very unique and enjoyable site because it offers up lovely design, stories, lives, and food humbly and without all the overselling and copy that attempts to manipulate us into feeling a certain way. I love you just the way you are — without the exaggeration and exclamation marks.

    • Lisa

      I’m sorry if that word in particular rubbed you the wrong way. I don’t think we’ve used it much here at D*S, but I understand how it would be bothersome if you’re hearing it on a lot of other sites. I share your opinion that exclamations and excitement have their place in moderation and we’ll always keep that in mind.


  • i don’t know, that first one was kinda jaw-dropping…agree with the remainder…they are very very pretty…the first one though…yowza!

  • As someone who bought a fixer upper 9 years ago and still has SO much more fixing up to do…I appreciate these for their inspiration and vision. Consider this jaw dropped, AND I read your title as genuine enthusiasm rather than cheap gimmickry :)

  • I’m a long time D*s reader, but I have to say, this post is very click-bait-y. I hope it isn’t indicative of the lowbrow Buzzfeed influence (with the language used here and click-through to other posts). D*s is better than this.

  • I’m traveling so I’m on a slow connection. Can’t click to each after photo, but can’t wait to see once I’m home! The befores are….
    Something ;)

  • I also completely agree with Emily. I’m supposed to click through 20 times to get 20 afters??? Um, no. I didn’t look at one. I look at this website for fun and that is way too much work.

  • I just LOVE the London terrace kitchen. Soooo refreshing that it doesn’t have granite countertops or a kitchen island. Superbly original!!!